Sunday, July 19, 2015


Hello beauties
Eid mubarak.
If you don't know what eid is let me tell you it is the festival that we celebrate every year after a month of fasting. You can find more details here..
The Eid celebrations are grand here in Pakisan with lots of food, shopping,  friends and family gatherings and getting dressed in beautiful outfits and everything festive. So where everybody is doing their best to make their day perfect is it possible that a fashion and makeup lover like me not do a special makeup look for eid? No..
So here I am sharing the FOTD that I did for the first day of eid that was yesterday.
 I worn an off white net dress with turquoise button and embellishment which I got stitched from a tailor. Sorry I could not take the pictures of complete outfit as there were lots of guests visiting and greeting and serving them took all of my time. But I managed to take some pictures of my makeup.


Makeup Revolution Cover and Conceal Palette
Essence soft touch matte mousse makeup ( Read my review here)
Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Pink frosting
Oriflame Peach me Perfect skin glow ( Read my review here)
I heart makeup- I heart obsession palette in born to die
Christine black liner pencil
Maybelline volume express mascara
Essence All eyes on me Mascara
Contact lenses-  Optiano express in spark turquoise

Clazona Lipstick in shade 344.

Detailed Tutorial:

First I blow dried my hair and then wore my contact lenses (Note: never use a blow dry after wearing your lenses as they can melt due to heat).
Then I rubbed an ice cube all over my face it shrinks the pores and makes the makeup application smooth.
Then I used my DIY moisturizer (made with rose water and glycerin). I'll be sharing the recipe in another post.
After that I mixed the shade 1 and 2 of cover and conceal palette on the back of my hand and used this on my under eyes .
Then I covered other areas which needed coverage. I got this really big pimple on my right cheek just a day before Eid so this needed to be concealed I used the shade 1 for this.
I didn’t want to do a lot of contouring since it was supposed to be a natural look with minimal makeup (but actually I ended up doing smoky eyes which wasn't my plan at first) so I just used the darkest shade of cover and conceal palette to contour my nose and cheeks which isn't dark enough for proper contouring at least for me but still it worked for my daytime eid look and I used the lightest shade #1 on the bridge of my nose.

After that I applied essence mousse foundation all over my face.

Then comes the eyes part:
I first put on the scotch tape on the sides of my eyes.

 Then applied the 3rd shade all over my lids and the 9th shade on the outer corners of my eyes reaching the scotch tape boundary. I also used the 4th shade from the palette in the middle for gradual transition from light to dark and blended them all.

Then I highlighted the brow bone with the 1st shade.
After that I lined my upper lash line with the Christine black liner pencil.
Then I curled my lashes and applied Maybelline mascara and then applied the 2nd coat of essence mascara.
After that I applied the Maybelline blush with my fingers.
Then I set my makeup with the Dazz matazz compact powder.
I also used the oriflame peach me perfect skin glow on my cheek bones.
And at last I put on the lipstick and applied a clear lipgloss just in the middle of my pout.
And this is the end look.

Hope you liked it.

Bubye take care :)