Sunday, May 22, 2016

My favourite cell phone apps...

Hello beauties!

I am back and today I am going to talk about some cell phone apps. I have already shared with you that I am addicted to my cell phone and in my free time I like trying out random apps. I download many apps but I just keep the ones I really like and delete the other.  Today I am going to share with you 3 of my current favorite cell- phone apps. So without any delay let's get started:

Around me:
It's an app that let's you find out places near you. You can search for nearby restaurants, gas stations, hospitals, pharmacies etc.
 I downloaded this app when I was in Lahore for a few days and since I don't live there I didn't know much about the city but this app really helped me there. I used to search everything on this app and act like an smart-ass.

Water Drink Reminder:
The second app I am loving these days is Water Drink Reminder. We all know how important water is for our skin and for our overall health but often when we are busy in our routine we forget to drink water that's when this app comes to rescue.
This app automatically calculates the amount of water we need per day on the basis of our weight and then remind us to take water several times a day.  After every intake you'll need to just add the amount of water you have drank so at the end of the day you'll know if you have drank the required amount. You can also see your weekly, monthly and yearly history of water intake in this app. Isn't it amazing?

This app really helps me in organizing my stuff. I use it not only for organising my blogging stuff but also for my studies and my office work.
 This app not only let's you write your notes but you can also make audio notes and attach images and pdf files to your notes which is just great. I am not utilising it fully yet, it has many other features which I have never used but I'll try to learn using them soon.

Ok that's it for todayI'll...
I'll be back soon till then take care and tell me in the comments which are your favourite apps...
Bubye :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My hair care routine- For colored hair

Hello beauties!

I am back and today I have decided to share my hair care routine with you. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook or if you know me personally you would probably know that I have recently got my hair coloured and of course coloring is not the best thing you can do to your hair so I need to take extra care of my hair these days.
No I am not doing anything fancy or super expensive I am just using a few drugstore products which are working for me and which I am going to share with you today so let's get started:

When I got my hair colored the first thing I started using was Tresemme color vibrance protection shampoo along with the conditioner from the same range but at that time my hair were really dry and rough so I needed something extra and that's when I bought the Loreal Elvive color protect caring hair mask.

It was also featured in my April favorites. I have been using this for more than two months now and I really love this. I have already finished my second tub.
I don't know why but I like to use the products from the same range together so when I bought this mask I had to buy the shampoo too and I am glad that I did because this duo is doing a really good job. They have made my hair really soft, silky and smooth.
My tip is to keep the hair mask into your for a little longer than usual.

I still use my tressemme shampoo and conditioner because they give a feeling of newness to my hair color. Whenever I use these two products my hair colour becomes more vibrant so I use the loreal and tresemme products together.

Actually I am using three shampoos these days, I also use the Johnson's baby shampoo. I am someone who washes my hair everyday and since I have already put too many chemicals into my hair now I think I need to give them a break and I believe that baby shampoos contain lesser chemicals than any other shampoos so I use this baby shampoo on alternate days.

I also use a mixture of coconut and castor oil once or twice a week. I just massage it into my hair and leave it for 1-2 hours and then wash with any of my regular shampoos (you can leave it overnight if the greasiness does not bother you).

Also, I don't brush my hair very often I just do it once a day but when I do it I make sure that I do at least 100 strokes. I don't know if it's just a myth that brushing your hair 100 times make them shinier or stronger but it makes my hair look straighter and more playful (I love to play with my hair after brushing! you know what I mean) so I just do this.
And that's it... that's pretty much everything I am doing to my hair. Using all these products regualrly has really made a difference.

That's it for today... I'll be back soon till then take care and tell me in the comments which are your favourite hair care products?

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Digital Detox

Hello beauties!

Today I am going to talk about a very serious issue that all human race is facing but we bloggers are particularly affected by it and it is over usage of internet and technology.

Image from google

Before I start I've a confession to make and it is that I am addicted to internet and all the social media apps. I check my phone as soon as I wake up and it's the last thing that I do before going to bed (actually it's worse than that I spend hours on my cellphone even after I get into bed). Using my cell phone and tablets all the time gave me a constant neck and backache and I was constantly troubled by eyestrain and that's when I realized it's the time for a digital detox. I have incorporated a few tricks into my life to keep myself away from excessive use of technology which I am going to share with you today. If you are someone like me this post is going to be really helpful for you so let's get started.

Limited mobile data packages:
The cell phone companies have introduced so many unlimited data packages at such amazing rates that they are irresistible but now I never subscribe to any of these offers. Yea we have access to wifi at most places now but still at least it keeps me away from using my phone when I am travelling. If I really need it I subscribe to packages which only give a few mb's.

Logging off from social media apps during the day:
I log out from all social media apps (FB,  IG,  Twitter,  snapchat,  pinterest) after every use so their notifications don't bother me constantly. Also being a very lazy person I am less likely to put in the extra effort of typing my username and password every 5 minutes just to scroll down my newsfeed so it really helps.

Turning off Facebook notifications and auto sync of emails:
Even when I haven't logged out from the FB I do not get notifications. I keep them turned off and just respond to everything when I check my FB (or other apps) once or twice a day.
Similarly,  I synchronize my emails to my phone only once a day.

Unsubscribing yourself from mailing lists:
Another thing I have done is I have organized my mailbox. Now I don't need to read and delete unwanted emails. It took me a whole day to unsubscribe from websites and blogs that do not interest me anymore but it has made my life easier. Seriously You should try decluttering your mail box it feels better than decluttering your wardrobe.

Keeping phone away while sleeping
I used to use my cell phone as alarm clock and every night I used to end up using it for hours before actually going to sleep so take my words never take your phone to bed with you. 
The most important tip for digital detox is keeping your cell phone away while sleeping so the blinking of light or vibrations do not disturb your sleep and do not use the "I need it for morning alarm" excuse.  Buy a cute old fashioned alarm clock it will not only wake you up in the morning but will also look cute lying on your bedside table. I don't have an alarm clock yet but still I keep my phone away on full volume so I have to get up to put it on snooze. Sigh!

Reading real books:
I have this habit of reading before going to sleep. Earlier I used to read books on my cell phone and tablet but now I have decided to go back to the old fashioned way of reading the books in hard instead of soft copies. Yea they are not easy to carry around everywhere and I need to keep the lights of my room on till late night which means making mom angry for being awake till late but its worth it.

Turning off wifi routers:
The last thing I try to do is turning the wifi router off when I am not using it. It is difficult in my case as I have other people (my siblings) living in my home who need wifi more than oxygen but you can try this if you don't want to turn off the notifications of your social media apps and just want to stay away from internet for a few hours or so.

That's it for today
I'll be back soon till then take care and tell me in the comments how much time in a day do you give to these social networking apps?

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How to find the right fragrance

Hello beauties!

Did it ever happen to you that you have put on a perfume and immediately you feel your mood changed completely? It often happens to me. When I put on an old perfume from my collection it reminds me of old days in which I used to wear that particular scent. It happens because we have emotional response to scents.
Fragrances not only trigger memories they also have an effect on our mood, self confidence and attractiveness, so fragrances are important. They also help us show our individuality to the world, so I think choosing the right fragrance is as importance as choosing the right makeup foundation but it can be more difficult than choosing a foundation because we can't match it to our skin.
Today I am going to share with you a few tips that can help you in choosing your perfect fragrance.
Before I move on I just want to add that I think you don't necessarily need a signature scent. For me a scent should fit your mood and where you are going so I perefer wearing different scents to different places and occassions instead of just wearing a signature scent all the time.

Image from google

Okh so let's get started with recipe

What perfume is perfect for you depends on your personality, your body harmones and your past experiences etc so I suggest you consider all these before buying a perfume.

> A perfume may not smell the same on your skin as it did on someone else because of your harmones. So, before buying a perfume do a simple sniff test of the bottle if you like it test it on a wrist and give it sometime to settle in to your skin and check if you still like it. The perfumes have 3 notes i.e. three layers of scent when you first apply the perfume you only smell the first note. The 2nd and 3rd notes are released after sometime which may smell differently from the 1st layer so you should not commit to a scent until you smell the final note.

> When you are going perfume shopping make sure that you are not already wearing any perfume or scented lotions or body washes. Also don't cover yourself with many different scents, try one at a time.

> As I said earlier, we have emotional response to fragrances so before buying a perfume recall if it reminds you of anything from the past (good or bad). If it reminds you of any negative experiences from your past it will make you feel down and stressed everytime you wear it so never go for this scent.

> The fragrances are divided into four families which are further sub-divided but here I am only sharing the basic 4 categories and the types of personalities for which they are most suitable.

If you are elegant and sophisticated type who likes wearing pastel colours and pearls, floral scents are for you.

If you are a nature lover and love outdoor activities woody fragrances are for you.

If you are naturally a relaxed person who don't like overpowering smells the fresh fragrances are for you.

Oriental fragrances are for stronger people who want to stand out from the crowd.

Generally men's perfumes are woody and oriental and women's perfumes have more floral scents but the word floral should not put off any man because floral musks for man are also available similarly there are woody fragrances in women's perfumes as well so it totally depends on personal preferences.
You can also take some online tests to find a right perfume according to your personality.
 Also, remember that the staying power of a perfume depends on the weather and your skin type. Scents last longer on oily skin and in warm weather.

That's it for today I'll be back soon with a post on Do's and Dont's after you have bought your perfume. Till then take care and tell me in the comments which is your favourite fragrance.


Monday, May 9, 2016

Monthly favorites- for April

Hello beauties!

I am back and today I am going to share with you some of my favorite things that I loved during last month i.e. April.
I don't usually do any favorites posts but in the last month there were a number of things that I really liked and I wanted to show them off so I finally decided to do my first ever favorites post. So here goes my list of favorite things...

The forty rules of love:
This is a novel that contains two different stories. The first one is about a middle aged women who wasn't happy with her routine and married life and started working for a literary agency after years of being a housewife. She was given a book named "sweet blasphemy" to review and that changed her life completely.
The second story is the story of a dervish, Shams and his companion, Rumi who was a famous scholar of Konya in 13th century. The Shams of Tabriz had his forty rules of love which the writer had explained beautifully by relating them to different tales.

Me before you:
This book was on my to read list for a long time and finally in April I read it. Generally,  I am not much into romantic novels but the title and some reviews of this book got my interest. It's a story of a small town girl, Lou who started working as a carer of a quadriplegic to support her family financially.
Will (her boss) was hopeless and wanted to end his life because he had an adventurous nature and had a successful past but now he was stuck in a wheelchair after an accident. Lou wanted to change his mind and in the end she became a whole new person herself. The story is about how their lives changed after they met each other.


-Essence Soft Touch mousse makeup:
I've had this foundation lying in my vanity for a long time but I didn't use it much in fall and winter months. When this hot season started I needed a lighter foundation that wouldn't melt with heat and would let my skin breath so I started using it again and I started liking it all over again. You can read the details about this foundation here.

- Maybelline lash sensational mascara:
I got this one as a gift about a month ago and since then I am using it everyday. It's a great mascara for everyday. I have shared a detailed post about it here.

Atiqa Odho compact and contouring powder:
In this scorching summer we need a good compact powder more than anything... Right? And what can be better than a powder with SPF in it?  You can read more about this powder here. I also have their contouring powder in shade chocolate which is good for a light and subtle contour.

Hair care:
Loreal colour protect caring mask:
If you follow me on Instagram you would probably know that I have recently got my hair colored. After coloring, my hair became really dry and rough so I needed to take exra of them and that's when I started using this hair mask and I am glad that I bought this because it has made my hair really soft. I am also using some other products for colour treated hair which are working for me, so if you want me to share my detailed hair care routine let me know in the comments :)

The cat eye glasses.
The last but not the least is this pair of cat eye glasses. Generally I am a contact lens person and only wear glasses when I am home. But since I have bought this pair I have been wearing it all the time, everywhere because I just love this.

Me wearing my favorite pair of glasses

Okh that's it for today
I'll be back soon till then take care and tell me in the comments about your monthly favorites...

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara

Hello beauties!

I am back with another product review and this time it is Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara.
This mascara came out ages ago. When it was launched I really wanted to try it because of all the hype in the beauty bloggers world but where I live it wasn't available for a long time, I tried searching for it but then lost hope and totally forgot about it but then last month I got this cute little thing as a gift and now here I am sharing my thoughts about it. 

I am already a fan of maybelline's mascras, I love their "Colossal volum express mascara" and the "great lash mascara" so naturally I had high hopes with this one as well. So read on to find if it has lived up to my expectations or not...

It comes in a fat plastic packaging similar to other maybelline mascaras. The bottle is in a pretty rose gold colour with Name printed in emerald green (it's the waterproof version). It has a sweet yet chemically fragrance but I can only smell it when I bring the brush near my nose, I don't feel any fragrance after applying the mascara.

The most important thing in a mascra is its brush... right? and I must say that maybelline has put some serious efforts in designing this brush. The wand is a little curved on one side and it has shorter bristles on the curved side, rest of the brush has longer bristles. I think the brush is the best part of this mascara because it really gives a lot of volume to my lashes while keeping them separate from each other.

The formula of this mascara is quite runny and wet so I need to keep my eyes shut for a while to let it dry otherwise it gets to all over my lids. This mascara gives a decent length to my lashes and also the right amount of volume. It doesn't make my lashes too long which I like because I have really hooded eyes and if my lashes are too long they constantly touch the hood of my eyes and the mascara starts smudging so even this con has become a plus for me.  :)

The staying power is great, I wear this mascara to work almost everyday and it stays on my eyes all day long without smudging or flaking. Another plus point is this mascara is not very difficult to remove like other maybelline mascaras (seriously the colossal volume express one is really hard to get rid of). I just use a cotton swab/tissue dipped in makeup remover and wipe it off lightly.
It's available for Rs.1350/- on

Overall I think it is a good mascara for everyday use nothing too dramatic but the right amount of volume and length. I would recommend this to everyone for everyday use.

That's it for today girls...
I'll be back soon till then take care and tell me in the comments which is your favourite everyday mascara...