Friday, June 19, 2015

Oriflame Peach Me Perfect skin glow- Review

Hello people!
 I'm back! hope you all are doing great..
Today I'm here to share my thoughts on Oriflame's Peach me perfect skin glow. It is a tinted moisturizer basically but can be used in multiple ways. 
So I am starting with, What the brand says:
Bring out the best in your complexion. Tinted gel moisturiser with a lightweight finish gives you a peachy, natural glow. Can be worn alone or with your favourite foundation.
It comes in a black tube with really cute Orange cover. Honestly, the package was one of the reasons I bought it.

Now, How I use it? 
I have tried using it in three ways:

First, solely as a tinted moisturizer. 
Second, as a highlighter, and
Third, I mix it with my foundation and apply over my face.
When I used it separately I found that it does not give any coverage I think only people with very clear and even toned skin can use it this way. Since I need a little coverage I prefer to mix it with my liquid foundation. It has little shimmery particles which give a subtle glow to the skin and No they are not actually glittery sort of particles they are really tiny which only give a dewy glowy effect but does not make it glittery. I don't know why but these days I am hooked to Korean makeup and since Korean makeup is all about glowy and dewy skin I am using this product quite a lot lately.
Another way I use it is as a highlighter. After I'm done with all my makeup I just take a little amount and lightly dab it onto my cheeks just above the blush.
Then,  What I feel about it:

  • It has a sweet peachy fragrance but you can only feel it while applying, its gone after sometime.

  • It is lightweight but does not give any coverage so if you want to skip the foundation you will need a concealer for the problem areas.
  • It dries out very fast so you need to be very quick while applying, that is the reason I prefer blending it quickly with my fingers rather than using any brushes.
  • In summers it feels a little sticky so I needed to set it with powder.
Price: Around Rs.600 For 30 ml.

It is available from Oriflame's consultant and also from

Overall, I think it is a good product and I will buy it again but the only way I will be using it is mixing with my foundation to make it more glowy and dewy.
Okh this is it for now I'll be back soon till then take care.