Saturday, October 3, 2015

Oriflame Essentials 5 in 1 Gel Wash- Review

Hello beauties!
How are you doing?
 Today I am going to talk about a face wash. No one can deny that face wash is one of the most important products for all of us. We all have those moments when we are too lazy to remove our makeup and cleanse our face and in those moments face washes come handy. 
I am a hoarder for skin care products and I love trying out new products especially face washes. Sometime back may be more than a year ago my sister ordered some stuff from oriflame and it included a face wash i.e Oriflame's Essentials 5 in 1 Fairness Gel Wash. I used it for sometime and then switched to another face wash and totally forgot about it but now 2 months back I saw it again in a catalog and ordered it and since than I am using it regularly. This time I got the face wash along with the day cream of this range but I have not used that cream much so right now I am just sharing my thoughts about the face wash here and will be reviewing the day cream soon.

It is a off white gel wash with mild cosmetic smell which does not form much lather. I just take out a small amount on my palm and massage it on my wet face and then rinse off with water. It cleans the skin without making it dry and tight like most face washes do which is plus point.
I have normal/ combination skin but I get dry patches on my face every now and then. This face wash was effective for those dry patches of mine.
When I first started using it I felt irritation specially on drier areas of my face i.e around my nose and mouth but that itchy feeling last only till my face is dry and after few uses my skin got used to it and now I do not feel any irritation. I think it was because it was actively working on my dry patches. If you have sensitive skin this might be an issue for you.
 If you have oily skin it might not be the right product for you as it will not keep your skin shine free for long.
As far as fairness claims go I did not find any truth in them. It did not make me fair but yes it makes my skin clear and smooth which makes the complexion look fresh.
Overall I am happy with this product but I think its a bit pricey considering that it only contains 125 ml of product in Rs.599/-. 
I got mine from an Oriflame's consultant, many consultants sell online through Facebook pages. It is also available at for Rs.599/-. 
I have tried many products from oriflame and so far I am happy with most of my purchases, have you tried any of their products especially from this essential's range?

Take care beauties!