Monday, January 11, 2016

Saeed Ghani Khas Sandal Ubtan- Review

Hello beauties!

I am back with another post and again it is a product review but today's post is a bit different because in this post I'm going to talk about our traditional cleanser and scrub i.e. Ubtan.

Until recently, I was not a fan of herbal products and remedies and the reason was because i did not know much about these products. But then I started reading beauty blogs and observed that more and more people are going for natural and herbal products these days and now I am also one of those people.

Almost a year back when my sister got married my mom bought a pack of Saeed 'Ghani khas sandal ubtan'for her but she never used it and it laid there on our dressing table for months then one day I went picnic and had the worst tan and sunburn of my life and that was the day when I decided to give this ubtan a try.

As per the instructions I mixed it with rosewater and applied the paste on my feet. You can apply it all over your body including face but I wanted to see the results first before applying it on my face.

I applied the paste on my feet and left it for a few minutes and then rubbed it off. And when i saw my feet  after washing them i was really impressed. It made the skin of my feet really soft and also they were less tanned. The tan was not all gone but atleast my feet started looking my own.

Since then this ubtan has become a holy grail of mine. I use it once (sometimes twice) a week on my feet and arms. I have tried using it on my face also and I liked it but I use some other scrubs as well on my face (my all time favourite is st.ives appricot scrub but i like trying new products every now and then ) so i prefer not to use it on face as you know too much scrubbing is bad for skin. It is good for all types of skin especially for dry skin as it scrubs off all the dry patches and leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized.
It is available for Rs.200 at all saeed ghani outlets. My 100g pack last for 2-3 months which is great but I think they have it in large pack as well so if you want to use it more often or want to apply it all over your body you can get a larger pack. I have already finished two packs and planning to get once again.

That's it for now..
I'll be back soon till then take care..