Monday, July 20, 2015

5 Beauty hacks I actually use

Hello beauties!
How are you all doing?

Today I am going to share some beauty hacks with you which I actually follow. The internet is filled with zillions of beauty hacks and tips some of which are really helpful. I have tried many of them and here I am sharing those which have actually worked for me and I think you should give them a try too.

Beauty hack no.1:
I use scotch tape on the sides of the eyes as a guideline while doing my eye makeup like I did here. It guides me
1) in drawing the perfect wing of eyeliner and
2) in applying the eye shadows so that I do not end up applying more shadow on one eye than on the other.

Beauty hack #2:
I use coconut oil as eye makeup remover. I just put a few drops of oil on cotton and use it to clean my makeup.

Beauty hack #3:
Before applying makeup I prime my face with ice. It closes/shrinks the pores and makes the makeup application smooth.
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Beauty hack #4: 
Before applying perfume I apply vaseline (petroleum jelly) on my pulse point. Using vaseline under perfume make the fragrance last longer. 

Beauty hack #5:
I don't like my makeup to look all matte and dry so after completing all my makeup I spray a DIY mixture on my face to get a dewy and youthful finish.
I mix the rosewater with glycerin and lemon juice(optional) and use it as a makeup fixing spray.

So these are my top favorite beauty hacks.
I'll be back soon till than take care
Bubyee.. :)