Saturday, June 27, 2015

How to take care of nails..

Hello beauties!
Today im writing the post which was due for almost a month now. The past two months i.e.  April and may were really difficult and hectic for me due to classes and exams. This exam thing had taken such a toll on everything,  my beauty routine,  my skin,  my hair and nails, they are All ruined.
All the time during my exams period I was daydreaming and was making a to do list of things I will do after exams to take better care of myself and then when that time actually came I ended up completely wasting it. Such a procrastinator I'm..
But no more procrastination now.. Now I have decided to start working on all the things one by one and the area which needed most attention was my nails. 
So after deciding this I just searched over the internet for some tips on how to take care of my nails and then started applying some of them. Here, I am sharing some of these tips.

- Drinking lots of water: This is the most important beauty ritual which we all must adhere to. It is not imporatant for nails only but for hair and skin and obviously with this heatwave in Karachi what else can be more important than this.
- Moisturizing: Any moisturizing cream or oil will do but what I do for my nails is coming later in this post.
-Grooming: I promise myself to groom my nails at least weekly and No that doesn't mean going to a salon every week for a manicure but simply getting a nail filer and giving them some shape and buffing them a little. Also, nails should be trimmed regularly.

Now, I am sharing a DIY recipe for taking care of my nails.

Whenever anyone talk about nail care or we search about it over the internet the three things we always find are Garlic, Petroleum Jelly (vaseline) and olive oil (sometimes castor and coconut oil)
So, using these three things I prepared a mixture and used it on my nails.

Things needed:
Mentioned above but writing down again :)
Olive oil (or castor oil as an alternative).
Vaseline Petroleum Jelly (I am using one with cocoa butter, why? Because it smells great)
A fork and a dish or anything in which you will mix all the ingredients.
Handwash or soap.

Now, peel off and crush 2-3 cloves of garlic and mix 2 teaspoons of oil ( I am using castor oil because at the last moment I realized I ran out of olive oil).
Now add some vaseline ( about half teaspoon is fine). 
Now blend all the things with the fork and taadaa your mixture is ready.
Now take cotton pads dip 'em in the mixture and rub on your nails and cuticles. 
Leave the cotton pads on your nails for 10 minutes.
Now wash your hands with any handwash or soap.

I put the remaining mixture in a small plastic bottle and used it the next day. You can make a fresh mixture every time or can also make it in quantity and use it for few days. I don't know why but I make a new one everytime unless there is some leftover from the previous day.
I am using it everyday but its only been a weak so currently I am not in a position to tell how well it is working but I can tell you all these ingredients are tried and tested and they actually do wonders for nails.
P.S: My cuticles feel soft and moisturized after using it for a week.

So this is it for now.. What do you think of this DIY? write back to me in the comments
I'll be back soon till then Take care!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

My search for perfect eid dress

Hello everyone!
How are you all doing? Hope your Ramazan and summers are going well..
With Eid just around the corner everyone is seen planning and preparing for it and so I am. For last few days all I am doing is viewing hundreds of photos of dresses of all famous, not so famous, expensive, not so expensive, high-end as well as street brands just to get a perfect eid dress for myself.
Seriously I don't know why people say online shopping has made life easier it has actually made shopping more difficult for me. With so many options in front of me it gets really difficult to choose one. Normally, I don't take very long in choosing things I see something and I know if I want it or not. But its different with the eid dress, selecting the eid dress has always been a big task for me and now with online shopping it has become time consuming too as I check hundreds of dresses and compare them with each other and then do it all over again many times :p.
 When I was younger my mom used to get me all those embroidered and embellished traditional dresses for me and since then getting a perfect eid dress has become very important for me but now I prefer dresses that are more wearable on daily basis. Since its really hot these days I find myself more attracted towards very light pastel hues.

So, like every year I am on my quest to find my eid dress these days. I have seen like a Thousand dresses may be :p some got rejected because they were not appropriate to be worn for whole day in this hot weather some because they were too expensive and some simply because my mom doesn't like 'em. 
Finally, now I have shortlisted a few dresses which I am sharing with you here and now I have to choose one or may be two from these.

Digital prints are all the rage these days. I love this one from Zahra Ahmad.

Another digital print but this one is by Maria B.
This one is a simple casual shirt from Change.

This is a shirt from Orient Textile's Lawn collection. I am just loving the pastel blue colour. 

Isn't this print pretty??  I am becoming a fan of  floral prints.

Loving the print of this shirt from Thredz.

This shirt is named snow. Although I can not see the design clearly but Isn't the color enough to add it to my wishlist?
Yes it is :)

This one is from Rungrez. Again the design is not very clear in the picture but I love the pastel blue hues.

These are two different dresses from Maria B which look quite similar and I am loving both of them.. (I think I am going to buy at least one of them coz I saw them first and can't stop thinking about them since then. P.S. White is my favourite color).

This is another one from Orient. It is a three piece Lawn suit.
So that's the list of ladies' dresses I like as they look good and summer appropriate and also somewhat affordable (all are priced at somewhere under PKR 6000/- or may be a little more but none of them crossed 7k).

So this is it for now. Which one of these do you like? help me in selecting by writing in the comments people :)
I will be back soon till then take care..

Friday, June 19, 2015

Oriflame Peach Me Perfect skin glow- Review

Hello people!
 I'm back! hope you all are doing great..
Today I'm here to share my thoughts on Oriflame's Peach me perfect skin glow. It is a tinted moisturizer basically but can be used in multiple ways. 
So I am starting with, What the brand says:
Bring out the best in your complexion. Tinted gel moisturiser with a lightweight finish gives you a peachy, natural glow. Can be worn alone or with your favourite foundation.
It comes in a black tube with really cute Orange cover. Honestly, the package was one of the reasons I bought it.

Now, How I use it? 
I have tried using it in three ways:

First, solely as a tinted moisturizer. 
Second, as a highlighter, and
Third, I mix it with my foundation and apply over my face.
When I used it separately I found that it does not give any coverage I think only people with very clear and even toned skin can use it this way. Since I need a little coverage I prefer to mix it with my liquid foundation. It has little shimmery particles which give a subtle glow to the skin and No they are not actually glittery sort of particles they are really tiny which only give a dewy glowy effect but does not make it glittery. I don't know why but these days I am hooked to Korean makeup and since Korean makeup is all about glowy and dewy skin I am using this product quite a lot lately.
Another way I use it is as a highlighter. After I'm done with all my makeup I just take a little amount and lightly dab it onto my cheeks just above the blush.
Then,  What I feel about it:

  • It has a sweet peachy fragrance but you can only feel it while applying, its gone after sometime.

  • It is lightweight but does not give any coverage so if you want to skip the foundation you will need a concealer for the problem areas.
  • It dries out very fast so you need to be very quick while applying, that is the reason I prefer blending it quickly with my fingers rather than using any brushes.
  • In summers it feels a little sticky so I needed to set it with powder.
Price: Around Rs.600 For 30 ml.

It is available from Oriflame's consultant and also from

Overall, I think it is a good product and I will buy it again but the only way I will be using it is mixing with my foundation to make it more glowy and dewy.
Okh this is it for now I'll be back soon till then take care.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Mars shake recipe

Hello people! How are you all doin'? 
Today I'm writing about something I love yes it is chocolate shakem
I love having chocolate shakes and the hot weather just deepens my love..
So today i.e. on a hot summer day when I was at home and didn't have much to do I decided to make my own mars chocolate shake.
And when I am done with the shake thing I thought of sharing it with you too :p so here I am sharing my recipe of chocolate shake with you people :) hope you'll enjoy it.. 
What ingredients did I use?
> 4 chocolate bars (I planned to make a mars shake but then I realized I have only 2 of them so I added 2 snickers' bars too).
> 1/2 litre vanilla ice cream.
> 3-4 cups of milk.
> 2 teaspoon of sugar (I didn't want to make it too sweet so just added 2 teaspoon of sugar).
How I made it?
First I mixed the sugar and half of the milk with chocolates and blended them.  Then added ice cream and more milk and blend for 10-15 seconds again and done.
It was so yummy I know I'm going to make it everyday from now(atleast for few weeks).Seriously no chocolate has ever tasted this good ever. Lol yea I know it sounds like bragging but when you try your hands at something for the first time and it turns out good that's how you feel.. nah? :D
I'm also planning to experiment a little next time by adding more ingredients like chocolate chips or cookies or cream may be.
Ok that's it for now.. saying bubye with a picture of my shake... sorry I couldn't take any better pictures since I was too busy first in making and then in having my yummy shake..
Bubye take care
Loads of love :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Essence soft touch matte mousse foundation Review

Hello pretties
Hope you all are doing great and enjoying the scorching sun.. nah?
Yea I know summers are difficult especially when it comes to skin care and makeup. We want to do all possible things to keep cool and look beautiful without sweating and melting.
This very thing lead me to search a new foundation for summers that I can wear for long office hours. I wanted to try a mousse foundation for a long time (they all look so yummy) but don't know why never get a chance.  So now I thought I should try a mousse foundation. I considered maybelline,  catrice and essence's mousse foundation but after some research i.e. reading some bloggers' reviews I decided on buying the essence one i.e.  Essence Soft Touch Mousse Makeup Foundation in shade matte sand 01 and now after using it for a while (around 2 months) here I am sharing my own thoughts with you. 

Starting from the packaging:
It comes in a glass jar which obviously can be broken easily. Also, we need to put our finger or brushes to take out the product which may cause bacteria accumulation.  I use  a clean small eyeshadow brush instead of any foundation brush. I just take out the needed amount in only one swipe and then apply it all over my face and neck and then blend with the foundation brush.
Now, What does the brand say?
the make-up range with a super delicate mousse texture gives your face a smooth and natural-looking matt complexion while allowing your skin to breathe freely.

How I feel?
Its very lightweight you can feel nothing after applying it on your skin which is a plus.  Also it gives a complete matte finish to the skin which most of us prefer in summers but it gives very light coverage. It can even out the uneven skin tone but can not cover any dark blemishes or undereye circles so I need to use a concealer all the time.
I got mine in 01 matte sand which looks different in the jar then it's actual shade. Initially I wasn't satisfied as I felt the shade is not right for me but then I realized I am using an enormous amount to get enough coverage. That means you can not build it up to get high coverage as it will become Cakey. When I applied in small quantity I'm quite happy with it.
Being a mousse foundation it's really easy to apply and blend. Also, since it's oil free it keeps my skin shine free for almost 5-6 hours and I do not need to apply any pressed powder over it to keep it matte looking.

Overall I feel it's a good value for money especially for girls who do not have any major skin issues like acne marks or very dark under eye circles.
Would I buy it again?
I think yes but (there's always a but :p) I only use it for everyday use, for more made up looks I'll go for a heavy or atleast medium coverage foundation.
It's available on essence counters all over Pakistan and also online on and other websites. I got mine for around Rs.700 I don't remember exactly.
In the end I'll sum up how to use briefly: Use it with a concealer as it is light coverage.
Do not try to build up to get high coverage.
That's it for today. 
Wish you all health and happiness
Take care.. I'll be back soon
Till then bubye 