Sunday, July 12, 2015

Beauty wishlist..

Hello beauties!
How are you all doing?
By now you people must have known that I have a thing for makeup and I always have a long list of makeup products to buy. But there are a few things which I really really want to get my hands on right now and I am sharing these with you here:

 1- The frist thing is Wet n Wild Mega Liner- Liquid eye liner:
       I have read some amazing reviews of this liner. It comes in six shades but I love the turquoise one.

 2-   The second thing is this mirror I saw online and since then I am thinking about it.
  Annabelle's Copper & Blue Metal Fancy Embellished Mirror. It is available on

3-  Then this makeup revolution’s Vivid blush lacquer:
The main reason I want it is because it comes with a pump dispenser and I have never used a liquid blush. After doing my research I have decided on the shade desire.

     4-   Then, I want this heart shaped USB. I know it’s way too sparkly and fancy to be used for data transfer especially in office but I can use it as necklace or as a bling for my handbag may be... right?? I really want it.

      5-Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art:
They have it in ten different shades but I love the black brilliance and Topaz twinkle.

I just realized that most of the things on my wishlist are more on the fancy and bling side which is so unlike me. I always prefer light natural looking makeup with nude shades and elegant not so fancy accessories but then its good to try new and different things every once in a while. 

That’s it for now…
I’ll be back soon.
Take care… bubye :)
P.S I am looking for a good foot cream and if any of you can help with my search it will be really awesome. Thanks :)

 (The images are taken from the brands' official websites, google and