Sunday, July 26, 2015

How I clean my makeup brushes...

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Today I am going to write about that one task that I hate but can't skip. Yes its about how I clean my makeup brushes.
I wash my everyday makeup brushes about 3-4 times a week but I wash the others only after they are used.

Things needed:
1- Makeup Remover
2- Shampoo
3- Dettol
4- Water
5- Empty bowl

My makeup brush cleaning is a three step process:

First Step:
First I take a bowl and dissolve some makeup remover into it and let my brushes soak into it for roughly around 5-7 minutes so that the brushes are free from all makeup residues.

Second Step:
After that I discard this mixture and refill the bowl with fresh water and add some shampoo and let my brushes take a bath into this new mixture. Sometimes I also add a small drop of dettol I just tend to think it will disinfect my brushes better but I use it only once in a while, not very often.

Third Step:
After that I just run the brushes under the tap water while rubbing lightly over my hand.

After I am done with washing I reshape them with my hands and just let them sit flat on a newspaper or tissue paper to dry.

People use different things to clean their makeup brushes I'd love to know what you use, please share in the comments..

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