Friday, January 29, 2016

Tips For Contact Lens Wearers..

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As you all would probably know by now (after seeing all my pictures) that I wear contact lenses almost all the time (at least 8 hours a day), people keep asking me questions like doesn't it hurt or irritate you?
I hear horrible comments and stories about contact lenses all the time but I have been wearing them on a daily basis for about 6-7 years and I have never had any serious problems except that sometimes I feel a little dryness for which I use eye drops (recommended by my doctor) or rose water and it goes away (remeber to remove contacts before using any eyedrops). But yes I do take care of my contact lenses and of my eyes more than anything else in the world.  Here, I am sharing a few things which I do and I think every girl who loves doing makeup and wears contact lenses should do:

Put on Contacts before makeup:
I always put on my contact lenses before any makeup especially eye makeup because if you apply it after doing all your makeup it is more likely that they will come in contact with your lashes or lids or lash line and the products will transfer to them. Also, I remove my lenses before removing my makeup.

Apply mascara from middle of the lashes to tips:
Another tip is I apply mascara only on the length of my lashes leaving the roots untouched i.e. I start from the middle of the lashes not from the roots. This not only makes the contact lenses safe but also keeps my lashes looking natural.

Keep tightlining to minimum:
I am a fan of tightlining as I think it is the best way to apply eyeliner on my eyes without covering my already non-existent lids. But as much as I love tightlining my eyes I know it can affect my contacts and I try to keep the tight lining to minimum.

Do not rub your eyes:
If I ever feel any irritation or itching in my eyes I immediately remove my lenses. You should never rub your eyes when you are wearing contact lenses as the makeup will get into your eyes and the residues of makeup will create a film on lenses and you know what will happen next..

Do not use false lashes:
I never use false eyelashes and I suggest you too to keep it to minimum i.e. for some special occassions only and be very careful while applying glue.

Avoid High temperature:
And the most important is you should never ever go near heat when you are wearing lenses. If you are planning to blow dry your hair or cook or anything that involves high temperature do it before you put on your contacts. The contact lenses are made of plastic and the high temperature may cause them to melt and it can cause some real damage to the eyes.

Also make sure that you keep your lenses, lens case, makeup brushes and makeup products clean and never sleep with your contact lenses on.

Hope this post has helped you in some way :)

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Misslyn Luminous Makeup- Review and Swatches

Hello beauties!

I'm back with another product review and this time it is a foundation.

One day in the last month I had all the time in the world so I started checking out some products from misslyn's counter, I have been seeing this counter at the store for a long time but never bought anything but that day I bought this luminuos makeup foundation and now here i am sharing with you my experience with this product.
Misslyn is a relatively new brand in Pakistan. I have read reviews about its blushes and lipsticks on some blogs but its foundation or other face makeup products are not much talked about so here I am sharing my experience... Read on to find out did this foundation impress me....

Brand's claims:


Starting with the packaging: 
It comes in a light brown color plastic bottle with a nozzle like opening. The cap shuts tightly but with this kind of packaging there's always a risk of squeezing out excess product so I think liquid foundations should come in a bottle with a pump. Also, the bottle can only stand upside down so all the product comes down towards the nozzle and if you are not careful while opening it will create a mess (the opening is small but still there's a risk). 

This foundation is available in 8 different shades. The lady at the counter helped me chose the shade which is shade 4 and is called cream it has neutral undertones neither too pink nor too yellow which is perfect for me.

 Misslyn's luminous makeup is a liquid foundation. Because of the name luminous I was expecting it to be dewy but it has a matte finish. It gives a light to medium coverage and can be built up to an extent but you should not get too far with building up layers else it will start looking cakey. 

When I first applied this foundation on my face I found it a little tacky I don't know how to explain this, I felt like it is getting dry very fast in some areas but in others it is still wet but I loved the finish it gave after it's completely set. I apply it in dots all over my face and then blend one dot at a time in small buffing motion with a kabuki brush.
It gives a matte but slightly luminuos finish at the same time. I do not feel any excess oil around my nose for upto 3-4 hours which is great. It stays intact on my skin for upto 4-5 hours and even longer if I touch it up with a compact powder. Also, this foundation does not feel heavy on the skin so I think it is perfect for everyday wear.

This foundation is not very moisturizing. If I do not use moisturizer underneath, the dry patches around my mouth become even more visible so you need to moisturize your face properly before applying this foundation.

This foundation is available online and on leading makeup stores in karachi for Rs.970/-.
I am using this foundation alot lately and I am quite happy with it. I would recommend this to everyone who is looking for a daily wear foundation. Just make sure that you do not apply a lot of product in one go rather just use a little amount first and then build it up if you need and do not forget to moisturize your face.
That's it for today. 
I'll be back soon till then take care and tell me in the comments if you have used any products from missliyn? what do you think about them?...

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Dazz Matazz silk finish compact powder- Review

Hello beauties!

How are you doing? I am back with another product review and this time it is a face powder. This face powder is from a brand not very well known i.e. dazz matazz.
The day I bought this powder was the first time when I heard the name of this brand. I always want that I share those products with you which are not already very famous so I decided on that very day that I am going to write a review on it but I don't know why it got delayed.
I have been using this compact powder on and off for about 5-6 months (its almost finished now) so I think now is the best time to share my experience with you.

So, this compact is named " dazz matazz silk finish compact powder". The compact comes in light green plastic packaging with a small mirror on the lid. I don't like the color and also the quality of plastic is not very good and the size of mirror is so small that it's of no use. But all that doesn't bother me as what actually matters is what's inside. right?

This powder is available in 4 shades I got mine in honey light-02 which I think is the darkest shade. This is one of the cons I found that even the darkest shade is not very dark.

In winters I like dewy glowy face makeup so I just apply it lightly on my face with a kabuki brush for setting my foundation but I don't use its own applicator or any other sponge as it makes my face look whitish and powdery.

I usually get oil around my nose when I am wearing makeup so I set it with this powder and this compact helps in keeping my makeup set for upto 3 hours but after that I need to touch it up.

In summers I have tried using this powder as a foundation along with a concealer and it gives a reasonable coverage, in this case I apply it with a wet sponge. It gives a powdery finish but I think for summers a lighter and matte finish is better. It actually has a silky soft texture and feels smooth on the skin.

This compact is available for Rs.525/- at most of the makeup stores and online on , and

I would recommend this powder to you if you want an inexpensive compact powder which gives reasonable coverage, it is good for touch ups during the day but there are some points which are not in its favour i.e. the staying power is not very good and there are only 4 shades available so if you want to use it alone as a foundation it may be difficult to get the right shade.

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Monday, January 11, 2016

Saeed Ghani Khas Sandal Ubtan- Review

Hello beauties!

I am back with another post and again it is a product review but today's post is a bit different because in this post I'm going to talk about our traditional cleanser and scrub i.e. Ubtan.

Until recently, I was not a fan of herbal products and remedies and the reason was because i did not know much about these products. But then I started reading beauty blogs and observed that more and more people are going for natural and herbal products these days and now I am also one of those people.

Almost a year back when my sister got married my mom bought a pack of Saeed 'Ghani khas sandal ubtan'for her but she never used it and it laid there on our dressing table for months then one day I went picnic and had the worst tan and sunburn of my life and that was the day when I decided to give this ubtan a try.

As per the instructions I mixed it with rosewater and applied the paste on my feet. You can apply it all over your body including face but I wanted to see the results first before applying it on my face.

I applied the paste on my feet and left it for a few minutes and then rubbed it off. And when i saw my feet  after washing them i was really impressed. It made the skin of my feet really soft and also they were less tanned. The tan was not all gone but atleast my feet started looking my own.

Since then this ubtan has become a holy grail of mine. I use it once (sometimes twice) a week on my feet and arms. I have tried using it on my face also and I liked it but I use some other scrubs as well on my face (my all time favourite is st.ives appricot scrub but i like trying new products every now and then ) so i prefer not to use it on face as you know too much scrubbing is bad for skin. It is good for all types of skin especially for dry skin as it scrubs off all the dry patches and leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized.
It is available for Rs.200 at all saeed ghani outlets. My 100g pack last for 2-3 months which is great but I think they have it in large pack as well so if you want to use it more often or want to apply it all over your body you can get a larger pack. I have already finished two packs and planning to get once again.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Online shopping...

Hello beauties!
In my first post of the year I am going to talk about a topic to which all of us can relate and it is shopping, actually online shopping to be specific.

I remember when I was younger, me and my mom used to roam in the malls for hours checking all the shops and counters even when we didn't have plans for buying anything.( LOL! yea I am just like my mom and we both love window shopping :p).

Now I do not have time for all this because of work and everything but my love for shopping is still deep and strong and I thank the growing number of online stores and websites which have made it easier for me to check all the latest and amazing stuff anytime without going to the actual markets. Now, whenever I find some free time I go online and check out all these amazing sites. That's my favourite pastime.
We have like millions of websites where we can buy dresses, fashion items like jewellery and watches and bags and beauty items like cosmetics, perfumes and everything and one of such websites is

This site has hundreds of products in all these and many other categories. Actually this site works like aliexpress i.e. different sellers sell their products through this website. I have browsed through their collections and found that they have some really good stuff at cheap prices.

 Well obviously there are some things which should not be bought cheap like cosmetics but you can not go wrong with clothing or accessories especially when they are available at such affordable prices.Besides fashion items they also have sellers of computer and electronic equipments and other stuff on their site.

 I am always open to try new things and places (obviously we need to be cautious and do a little research before buying anything which I always do) and I have used some non branded perfumes and believe me some of them smell amazing so you can also buy women's perfumes online as it can be a good option.
Have a look at this site.

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 I'll be back soon till then take care