Sunday, February 14, 2016

Eveline Cosmetics Micellar Solution 3 in 1 for oily to combination skin- Review

Hello beauties!
I am back with another skin care product review and this time it is Eveline Cosmetics Cleansing Micellar Solution 3 in 1 for combination oily skin.  
Before I start I would say micellar waters/ solutions are my dream product because you just need to pour it on a cotton pad and wipe your skin with it.  I think it’s a blessing for lazy girls like me as we can skip the cleansing, toning and moisturizing steps and just use one product.
I bought this product especially for lazy winter nights when I don’t feel like following my extensive skincare routine. I have normal/ combination skin which gets oily in the T-zone, this product is for oily/combination skin but I bought it because of its claim of mattifying T-zone without over drying it.
So, does this micellar solution impress me? Read on to find out:

Starting with the packaging:
It comes in a 200 ml plastic bottle with a cap that you need to push up to open. The packaging is cute and girly and refreshing but not very sturdy (mine is broken as you can see). Also the opening is big and I always end up getting too much product on my cotton pad so be careful when you are using it.

The company claims:

 Micellar Solution with triple effect: thoroughly and gently cleanses skin from make-up and impurities, removes even waterproof make-up and mattifies skin in T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin). Unique oil-free recipe regulates sebaceous glands action and prevents blackheads formation. Micellar solution formula does not injure hydrolipidic film of epidermis. Replaces cleansing milk and tonic.
 Non-greasy formula. Does not clog pores. Does not dry skin.
Rich formula: MICELLES effectively remove impurities and make-up from skin surface. BioHYALURON COMPLEXTM rich in hyaluronic acid ensures perfect level of skin hydration. Makes skin immediately regain elasticity and smoothness. FAST-MAT COMPLEXTM regulates sebum secretion, makes skin perfectly matt for a long time. A, E, F VITAMINS COMPLEX deeply nourishes and regenerates skin.

My Experience:
As per the instructions I just wet a cotton pad (or tissue paper sometimes) with this solution and cleanse my face.
It does remove my everyday makeup but it leaves my face feeling a little sticky also it’s not very good at removing heavy foundations and stubborn waterproof mascaras.
It’s a good product for everyday cleansing but I think I won’t repurchase it as Micellar solutions are supposed not to be rinsed off but when I clean my face with it I need to wash it afterwards because of that sticky feeling so the basic purpose of the micellar solution is not fulfilled.

Price and availability:
Eveline Cosmetics are available in Pakistan on and I got this from for Rs.495/-.

Do you use micellar solutions? Which is your favorite micellar water? Tell me in the comments I love reading your comments… :) 

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Atiqa Odho Cosmetics face powder- Review and swatches

 Hello beauties!

I'm back and this time with a review of another face powder.
I recently bought atiqa odho cosmetics face powder and after trying it for a few days I am sharing with you my thoughts on this. It's available in 4 shades and I got mine in shade honey.
So read on for details:

Brand's description of the product:
Odho Cosmetics brings you the desirability essentials to enhance your beauty and nourish your loveable skin. The Face Powder- Honey, with its awesome cream color shade, that is carefully formulated keeping in view the Pakistani skin tones and taste, carries an irresistible allure of impeccable enchantment, rich texture and playful appeal. The portability of this little single kit makes it easy to carry around. This kit will make you attain your required skin tone in a most enticing and enchanting manner!

Starting with the packaging.
It comes in a plastic case with red lid and a transparent middle part from which the shade is visible.  The case has two compartments the upper one for the product and the lower one for sponge. The sponge compartment also has a mirror. The packaging is not very sturdy but the size is perfect to carry it around in your bag.

My thoughts:
Now comes the product part. Before buying this face powder I read a few reviews on this product and they all said it gives a very light coverage but I bought it anyways because it's reasonably priced and also because I'm not a powder foundation person, I only use compact powders for setting my makeup so coverage wasn't an issue for me.



Since I bought it I am using it as setting powder for my makeup and its working good. I prefer to apply it with a sponge as the powder is too sheer and if I apply it with a powder brush it doesn't do the job.

Also, I am not very happy with the staying power.It keeps my T-zone oil free for up to 2 hours maximum, after that its all gone.
Overall I would say its an OK product. I like it beacuse it's very sheer and doesn't make my makeup look cakey and its affordable in price but it can not be used without a foundation and its not long lasting.

Availability and price:
It's available in leading makeup stores and online on and for Rs.450/-.

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Bubye...  :)

Have you tried any products from Odho cosmetics? tell me in the comments.