Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year wishes and Oriflame Very Me clickit black liquid eyeliner's review and swatch

Hello beauties!

I'm back with another post. Since it is going to be the last post of the year I wanted to write something about the new year but I don't want to bore you with same old new year new beginning kinda messages or with sharing new year's resolutions so I am just wishing you a very Happy new year.

And now I am sharing another product review and this time it is a liquid eyeliner. I love liquid liners but only those which come with a perfect brush and a formula that dries out fast on my eyes and is waterproof. So did this oriflame very me clickit eyeliner impress me?  Read on to find out..

These eyeliners come in grey, brown,blue, green and black colours but I have the black one only.

It comes in a small plastic bottle with brush in the cap like all liquid eyeliners. The bottle is black in colour and all details are written on it in silver letters which fade very quickly and the eyeliner starts looking really old very soon.

Now comes the most important part and that it is its brush. The brush is really thin with tight bristles which makes it easier to control the amount and shape, the brush is the best thing about this eyeliner. The only issue with the brush is its size but oriflame has a clickit connector which can be attached to the liner and other products of this range so the issue of size has been resolved in this way.This connector can be bought separately.

I have been using this eyeliner for a few months and most of the times I have put it on my eyelids I have felt that it stings but this itchy feeling goes away after a few minutes. My sister has also used this eyeliner but she never felt that so I think it may be because of my dry eyelids and lash line.

The eyeliner does not smudge and stays on for a very long time like upto 6-7 hours if it is not rubbed or touched with water (it is not waterproof) but it feels a little heavy on the lids, I mean it doesn't really bother me but I can feel that I have something on my lashline.

Oriflame's products are available on and and also you can get them through oriflame's consultants if you know any.
I would recommend this eyeliner to you if you are looking for a budget friendly eyeliner in small packaging or if you are new to eyeliner thing because the brush is great for beginners, it helps in controlling the amount and precise application of liner but keep in mind that it is not waterproof.

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I'll be back soon till then take care
Bubye... :)

I wish all the best things for you in the upcoming year :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Freeman's Peel Off Mask- Cucumber

Hello beauties!

I am back with another product review and this time it is Facial Peel off mask Cucumber from Freeman.)
I am not a fan of peel off masks as they pull off the skin and facial hair when we remove it and this mask is no different. I got this mask a few months back but did not use it because of this very reason but now I decided to try this and here I am sharing my thoughts about this baby with you.  Read on to find out if this mask impressed me like other Freeman's masks: 

The mask comes in a regular green color plastic tube. The packaging is not travel friendly at all because of its size and also because the lid is not very secure.

First Impression:
The mask smells like fresh cucumbers (being a cucumber mask what else can it smell like, right?)
The texture is not too runny neither too thick and it is transparent in color.

Brand's claims:
A super-cooling, skin-quenching mask that gently peels away impurities that can cause skin to be rough and dull. Contains Cucumber Extract and Aloe to soothe while moisturizing, ensuring skin feels soft and silky-smooth after every use. Perfect for normal to combination skin.

How to use:
As per the directions we should leave it on for 5-10 minutes or till its dry but I prefer to keep it there till its completely dry which take around 20 minutes because its easier and fun to remove then.

Now comes the result part:
After I remove it I do not feel any drastic change into my skin as I feel after applying the chocolate and strawberry mask but yes it gives me that refreshing feeling that we get when we get out of shower on a summer afternoon.I don't know why but I always relate cucumbers with freshness.
As per the product's claims I expected it to leave my skin really moisturized and soft and it does a pretty decent job but not as good as chocolate and strawberry mask which gives an instant glow and hydrated feeling to my face.
Overall this mask is a good product for normal to combination skin (which is my skin type) and I think it would also work fine for dry skin (You will definitely need to moisturize after the mask).  
While applying this mask you need to make sure that you do not apply it on your eyebrows or hairline else you will end up losing a lot of your hair. 
The only con I find in all Freeman's masks is they are only available in these large tubes which take forever to finish I think they should make small packaging as well. 

Availability and Price:
Freeman's products are easily available at most of the cosmetics stores in Pakistan and also on This mask is priced at Rs.355/-

Ok beauties that's it for now.
I will be back soon till then take care..
Bubye.. :)

Friday, December 25, 2015

My Makeup Routine For College and My Holy Grail Products

Hello beauties!
Today I am going to talk about my  makeup routine that I wear to  college and with that I'm also sharing my holy grail products that I use almost every day.

 I have my classes early in the morning on weekends which I absolutely hate and getting up early to do my makeup is something which I can't do especially on weekends so I have made a minimal makeup routine that I follow on almost every weekend morning. Since its a look for college I prefer to keep my makeup as natural as possible.
Ok now lets move on to my makeup steps:

First I wash my face with a facewash. Currently, i am using VLCC's Tomato and Mandarin face wash and Oriflame 5 in 1 gel wash.

After letting it dry I apply Neutrogena sunscreen on my face and then I do my hair.

After that I just apply a bb cream. My holy grail is Maybelline's bb cream but sometimes I also use oriflame one. Then I set it with a compact powder.

After bb cream i just swipe any one brown colour eyeshadow all over my lids and then highlight the inner corners and lower water line with a white pencil. I also tightline my upper lashline with a black pencil.

For these steps I use the following products:

 I heart obsession palette either in born to die or pure cult.

Cristine white liner pencil

Diana of London black liner pencil

Then I apply a blush, my everyday favourite is maybelline's bouncy blush in pink frosting I find it easier to blend this blush with my fingers so I don't use any brush.
My go to lips for college is Korean gradient lips because they look natural and youthful and are perfect for college.
I'll show you How i do gradient lips at the end of the post.

At the end I put on mascara. The trick I use here is I just apply mascara on the length of my lashes but not on the roots, it gives a more natural look. My go to mascara is maybelline's colosal volume mascara.

How I do gradient lips?

While applying bb cream on my face I put it on my lips also (you can use a concealer but in the mornings I usually dont have time to use many products so i just use the same bb cream)

After that I apply any red or orange lipstick just on the central half of my lips. Then i just apply a clear lipgloss all over the lips and done.

That’s it for today…

I ‘ll be back soon till then take care


Sunday, December 20, 2015

Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette- Mermaids and Unicorns Review

Hello Beauties!

So today I am back with another product review and this time it is an eye shadow palette by Makeup Revolution. A few months back Makeup Revolution launched its Unicorns and Mermaids Redemption Palette and I immediately fell in love with this but I never bought it because I rarely wear such vibrant and bold colors on my lids and I didn’t want to waste my money on something I’d never use. But I got the opportunity to try this palette when one of my friends bought it on a black Friday sale and boy! I am in love with this all over again.

The shadows come in a simple plastic package with a transparent lid with makeup revolution written on it in gold letters. The palette also has an applicator.

The palette has twelve eyeshadow colors. Shade 1, 2 and 3 are different hues of green and 4, 5 and 6 are blues representing the sea and mermaid side of the palette.

The last six shades are different shades of purple and grey.

All the shades are intensely pigmented except the first one (light green) which takes two to three swipes to actually show the color.  See the swatches:

I have used three eyeshadow palettes from makeup revolution till now and now I can vouch that they have an amazing staying power at such low price. This palette is available at Makeup Revolution’s website and in Pakistan at for Rs. 950/-.

That’s it for today I’ll be back soon till then take care and tell me in the comments what do you think of this palette..


Friday, December 18, 2015

Healing Cracked Heels in Winter...

Hello beauties!

 I'm back with another post and as winters are officially here now I am going to talk about winters.

Winter is my favourite time of the year. Coffee, Dry fruits, Cardigans and jackets, laying in bed all day on weekends doing nothing I love all that. But with winters come dry skin, chapped lips and cracked heels which is the worst part of winter season. 
We use lots of things for our face and lips but most of the times we neglect our heels which become dry and eventually cracked so today I am sharing something with you that I use for healing my heels. I have tried some foot creams and although they work great I think there can't be anything better than a DIY foot mask.

I have tried many DIY recipes and some of them have actually worked for me but this one is my favourite as it gives very fast result. So read on to find out what I do to cure my cracked heels.

Image from google


Before I go to bed I soak my feet in warm water with salt for around 5- 10 minutes and then scrub the dead skin off with a pumice stone. 

Then I apply a mixture of Glycerine, rosewater and lemon juice on my feet and leave it overnight. I add all the ingredients in equal quantity but you can reduce the quantity of glycerine if you don't like that sticky feeling on your feet. Plus I sleep with my socks on so the stickiness doesn't bother me.
This DIY recipe is my holy grail. I have been using it for years, it makes my feet really soft and moisturised and I recommend everyone to try this.

I hope you like this post. Tell me in the comments would you try this DIY recipe?

That's it for now I'll be back soon till then take care..