Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Metallic Fall/ Winter trend...

Hello beauties! 
I am back and today I am going to talk about a fashion trend i.e. the trend of wearing metallic.
The metallic looks are all the rage on the runways all over the world for this upcoming winter season. The skirts, blazers and dresses all look gorgeous on models when they walk on the runways but no matter how much I love this trend or how religiously I follow trends, this one is way too bold for me so I decided to think of some ways of incorporating this metallic trend into my wardrobe. These are my ways in which I think I can incorporate this trend in my wardrobe without looking overdone. So have a look at some of my picks and get some inspiration…

Metallic shoes:
I haven’t seen metallic shoes on any Pakistani brands yet and the ones available here are really expensive so I am looking for some affordable imported alternatives at local stores.
I have also seen some really good metallic shoes at aliexpress.

For casual looks

Another casual and comfy piece

Metallic high heels

Metallic loafers ( find here )

Metallic bag and clutch:
Forever 21

Metallic eyeshadow: 

Metallic nail polish:

Metallic/mirror nail polish by BornPretty store

So girls that's it for today....
I'll be back soon till than take care and tell me in the comments about your favorite fall/ winter trends.