Monday, May 9, 2016

Monthly favorites- for April

Hello beauties!

I am back and today I am going to share with you some of my favorite things that I loved during last month i.e. April.
I don't usually do any favorites posts but in the last month there were a number of things that I really liked and I wanted to show them off so I finally decided to do my first ever favorites post. So here goes my list of favorite things...

The forty rules of love:
This is a novel that contains two different stories. The first one is about a middle aged women who wasn't happy with her routine and married life and started working for a literary agency after years of being a housewife. She was given a book named "sweet blasphemy" to review and that changed her life completely.
The second story is the story of a dervish, Shams and his companion, Rumi who was a famous scholar of Konya in 13th century. The Shams of Tabriz had his forty rules of love which the writer had explained beautifully by relating them to different tales.

Me before you:
This book was on my to read list for a long time and finally in April I read it. Generally,  I am not much into romantic novels but the title and some reviews of this book got my interest. It's a story of a small town girl, Lou who started working as a carer of a quadriplegic to support her family financially.
Will (her boss) was hopeless and wanted to end his life because he had an adventurous nature and had a successful past but now he was stuck in a wheelchair after an accident. Lou wanted to change his mind and in the end she became a whole new person herself. The story is about how their lives changed after they met each other.


-Essence Soft Touch mousse makeup:
I've had this foundation lying in my vanity for a long time but I didn't use it much in fall and winter months. When this hot season started I needed a lighter foundation that wouldn't melt with heat and would let my skin breath so I started using it again and I started liking it all over again. You can read the details about this foundation here.

- Maybelline lash sensational mascara:
I got this one as a gift about a month ago and since then I am using it everyday. It's a great mascara for everyday. I have shared a detailed post about it here.

Atiqa Odho compact and contouring powder:
In this scorching summer we need a good compact powder more than anything... Right? And what can be better than a powder with SPF in it?  You can read more about this powder here. I also have their contouring powder in shade chocolate which is good for a light and subtle contour.

Hair care:
Loreal colour protect caring mask:
If you follow me on Instagram you would probably know that I have recently got my hair colored. After coloring, my hair became really dry and rough so I needed to take exra of them and that's when I started using this hair mask and I am glad that I bought this because it has made my hair really soft. I am also using some other products for colour treated hair which are working for me, so if you want me to share my detailed hair care routine let me know in the comments :)

The cat eye glasses.
The last but not the least is this pair of cat eye glasses. Generally I am a contact lens person and only wear glasses when I am home. But since I have bought this pair I have been wearing it all the time, everywhere because I just love this.

Me wearing my favorite pair of glasses

Okh that's it for today
I'll be back soon till then take care and tell me in the comments about your monthly favorites...