Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Essence soft touch matte mousse foundation Review

Hello pretties
Hope you all are doing great and enjoying the scorching sun.. nah?
Yea I know summers are difficult especially when it comes to skin care and makeup. We want to do all possible things to keep cool and look beautiful without sweating and melting.
This very thing lead me to search a new foundation for summers that I can wear for long office hours. I wanted to try a mousse foundation for a long time (they all look so yummy) but don't know why never get a chance.  So now I thought I should try a mousse foundation. I considered maybelline,  catrice and essence's mousse foundation but after some research i.e. reading some bloggers' reviews I decided on buying the essence one i.e.  Essence Soft Touch Mousse Makeup Foundation in shade matte sand 01 and now after using it for a while (around 2 months) here I am sharing my own thoughts with you. 

Starting from the packaging:
It comes in a glass jar which obviously can be broken easily. Also, we need to put our finger or brushes to take out the product which may cause bacteria accumulation.  I use  a clean small eyeshadow brush instead of any foundation brush. I just take out the needed amount in only one swipe and then apply it all over my face and neck and then blend with the foundation brush.
Now, What does the brand say?
the make-up range with a super delicate mousse texture gives your face a smooth and natural-looking matt complexion while allowing your skin to breathe freely.

How I feel?
Its very lightweight you can feel nothing after applying it on your skin which is a plus.  Also it gives a complete matte finish to the skin which most of us prefer in summers but it gives very light coverage. It can even out the uneven skin tone but can not cover any dark blemishes or undereye circles so I need to use a concealer all the time.
I got mine in 01 matte sand which looks different in the jar then it's actual shade. Initially I wasn't satisfied as I felt the shade is not right for me but then I realized I am using an enormous amount to get enough coverage. That means you can not build it up to get high coverage as it will become Cakey. When I applied in small quantity I'm quite happy with it.
Being a mousse foundation it's really easy to apply and blend. Also, since it's oil free it keeps my skin shine free for almost 5-6 hours and I do not need to apply any pressed powder over it to keep it matte looking.

Overall I feel it's a good value for money especially for girls who do not have any major skin issues like acne marks or very dark under eye circles.
Would I buy it again?
I think yes but (there's always a but :p) I only use it for everyday use, for more made up looks I'll go for a heavy or atleast medium coverage foundation.
It's available on essence counters all over Pakistan and also online on daraz.pk and other websites. I got mine for around Rs.700 I don't remember exactly.
In the end I'll sum up how to use briefly: Use it with a concealer as it is light coverage.
Do not try to build up to get high coverage.
That's it for today. 
Wish you all health and happiness
Take care.. I'll be back soon
Till then bubye 