Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Digital Detox

Hello beauties!

Today I am going to talk about a very serious issue that all human race is facing but we bloggers are particularly affected by it and it is over usage of internet and technology.

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Before I start I've a confession to make and it is that I am addicted to internet and all the social media apps. I check my phone as soon as I wake up and it's the last thing that I do before going to bed (actually it's worse than that I spend hours on my cellphone even after I get into bed). Using my cell phone and tablets all the time gave me a constant neck and backache and I was constantly troubled by eyestrain and that's when I realized it's the time for a digital detox. I have incorporated a few tricks into my life to keep myself away from excessive use of technology which I am going to share with you today. If you are someone like me this post is going to be really helpful for you so let's get started.

Limited mobile data packages:
The cell phone companies have introduced so many unlimited data packages at such amazing rates that they are irresistible but now I never subscribe to any of these offers. Yea we have access to wifi at most places now but still at least it keeps me away from using my phone when I am travelling. If I really need it I subscribe to packages which only give a few mb's.

Logging off from social media apps during the day:
I log out from all social media apps (FB,  IG,  Twitter,  snapchat,  pinterest) after every use so their notifications don't bother me constantly. Also being a very lazy person I am less likely to put in the extra effort of typing my username and password every 5 minutes just to scroll down my newsfeed so it really helps.

Turning off Facebook notifications and auto sync of emails:
Even when I haven't logged out from the FB I do not get notifications. I keep them turned off and just respond to everything when I check my FB (or other apps) once or twice a day.
Similarly,  I synchronize my emails to my phone only once a day.

Unsubscribing yourself from mailing lists:
Another thing I have done is I have organized my mailbox. Now I don't need to read and delete unwanted emails. It took me a whole day to unsubscribe from websites and blogs that do not interest me anymore but it has made my life easier. Seriously You should try decluttering your mail box it feels better than decluttering your wardrobe.

Keeping phone away while sleeping
I used to use my cell phone as alarm clock and every night I used to end up using it for hours before actually going to sleep so take my words never take your phone to bed with you. 
The most important tip for digital detox is keeping your cell phone away while sleeping so the blinking of light or vibrations do not disturb your sleep and do not use the "I need it for morning alarm" excuse.  Buy a cute old fashioned alarm clock it will not only wake you up in the morning but will also look cute lying on your bedside table. I don't have an alarm clock yet but still I keep my phone away on full volume so I have to get up to put it on snooze. Sigh!

Reading real books:
I have this habit of reading before going to sleep. Earlier I used to read books on my cell phone and tablet but now I have decided to go back to the old fashioned way of reading the books in hard instead of soft copies. Yea they are not easy to carry around everywhere and I need to keep the lights of my room on till late night which means making mom angry for being awake till late but its worth it.

Turning off wifi routers:
The last thing I try to do is turning the wifi router off when I am not using it. It is difficult in my case as I have other people (my siblings) living in my home who need wifi more than oxygen but you can try this if you don't want to turn off the notifications of your social media apps and just want to stay away from internet for a few hours or so.

That's it for today
I'll be back soon till then take care and tell me in the comments how much time in a day do you give to these social networking apps?