Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How to find the right fragrance

Hello beauties!

Did it ever happen to you that you have put on a perfume and immediately you feel your mood changed completely? It often happens to me. When I put on an old perfume from my collection it reminds me of old days in which I used to wear that particular scent. It happens because we have emotional response to scents.
Fragrances not only trigger memories they also have an effect on our mood, self confidence and attractiveness, so fragrances are important. They also help us show our individuality to the world, so I think choosing the right fragrance is as importance as choosing the right makeup foundation but it can be more difficult than choosing a foundation because we can't match it to our skin.
Today I am going to share with you a few tips that can help you in choosing your perfect fragrance.
Before I move on I just want to add that I think you don't necessarily need a signature scent. For me a scent should fit your mood and where you are going so I perefer wearing different scents to different places and occassions instead of just wearing a signature scent all the time.

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Okh so let's get started with recipe

What perfume is perfect for you depends on your personality, your body harmones and your past experiences etc so I suggest you consider all these before buying a perfume.

> A perfume may not smell the same on your skin as it did on someone else because of your harmones. So, before buying a perfume do a simple sniff test of the bottle if you like it test it on a wrist and give it sometime to settle in to your skin and check if you still like it. The perfumes have 3 notes i.e. three layers of scent when you first apply the perfume you only smell the first note. The 2nd and 3rd notes are released after sometime which may smell differently from the 1st layer so you should not commit to a scent until you smell the final note.

> When you are going perfume shopping make sure that you are not already wearing any perfume or scented lotions or body washes. Also don't cover yourself with many different scents, try one at a time.

> As I said earlier, we have emotional response to fragrances so before buying a perfume recall if it reminds you of anything from the past (good or bad). If it reminds you of any negative experiences from your past it will make you feel down and stressed everytime you wear it so never go for this scent.

> The fragrances are divided into four families which are further sub-divided but here I am only sharing the basic 4 categories and the types of personalities for which they are most suitable.

If you are elegant and sophisticated type who likes wearing pastel colours and pearls, floral scents are for you.

If you are a nature lover and love outdoor activities woody fragrances are for you.

If you are naturally a relaxed person who don't like overpowering smells the fresh fragrances are for you.

Oriental fragrances are for stronger people who want to stand out from the crowd.

Generally men's perfumes are woody and oriental and women's perfumes have more floral scents but the word floral should not put off any man because floral musks for man are also available similarly there are woody fragrances in women's perfumes as well so it totally depends on personal preferences.
You can also take some online tests to find a right perfume according to your personality.
 Also, remember that the staying power of a perfume depends on the weather and your skin type. Scents last longer on oily skin and in warm weather.

That's it for today I'll be back soon with a post on Do's and Dont's after you have bought your perfume. Till then take care and tell me in the comments which is your favourite fragrance.