Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Summer shopping...

Hello beauties!
How are you all doing? Enjoying summer? Nah?
Me too.. :(
I am not enjoying at all. I am not a summer person I like winters more than any other season but being a Karachiite I have to bear with summer for almost ten months in a year. Even our fall and spring has summer in it. It's only the start of march and it's supposed to be spring but we already have scorching sun on our heads. I dont like this, I am already missing winter which did not come to Karachi this year.
But no matter how much I love winters the summers are approaching fast so its better that I start preparing for it instead of complaining.. right?

To prepare for summer we need to do a lot of shopping but getting outside and shopping in the scorching sun is not something we are fond of right? In this situation online shopping websites come to our rescue. So today I am going to share one such website with you. is one such website which has a large variety of products from fashion to household and electronic items in all price range. It is basically a portal through which different sellers showcase and sell their products.

Whenever I think of summer shopping the first thing that comes to my mind is lawn and its not my fault we women are forced by these brands to think about nothing but lawn.
Even before the summer arrives we are bombarded with tempting billboards and TV advertisments of lawns so it's difficult to resist. has an irresistible collection of lawn dresses most of which are really affordable and amazing. I am sharing some of my favourites below but you can find their complete women's lawn collection 2016 here.

Besides lawn it is also a great website for other ladies clothes online shopping . They also have a large variety of other women clothing items like tights, cigarette pants, shawls and scarves and tops. Check out their full collection.

That's it for today
I'll be back soon till then take care and tell me in the comments which is your favourite season and what is your favourite part of summer.