Sunday, March 6, 2016

Budget Eyeliner Pencils

Hello beauties!

Today after a long time I am going to talk about some eye stuff. I am an eyeliner lover. And of course black eyeliner is a classic but using black all the time can be boring so I like wearing coloured eyeliners.  Today I am sharing some budget eyeliner pencils with you that I have been trying recently and which I think are great in terms of both quality and price.

Christine eyeliner pencils:
These are I think the most popular eyeliner and lipliner pencils in Pakistan. I have been seeing them at almost every cosmetics shop since I was a kid.
These are wooden sharpable pencils in black color with a silver cap. The lower end of each pencil is colored with its shade.  The first thing that I want in an eyeliner pencil is that it should apply smoothly and this is the reason I am loving these pencils because their texture is creamy and the color shows up in just one or two swipes without rubbing them on the lids.  There's a large variety of shades available.  I have used a number of shades from this brand and pigmentation of all of these pencils is amazing. The staying power depends on the color i.e. darker shades stay on longer than the lighter one's but these pencils are not water proof or smudge proof. Here are the swatches of two of these pencils. The pink one is a lipliner but I use it on my lower waterline sometimes to brighten up my eyes.

Electric Blue 380
Pretty Pink 325

Glamorous Face:
These are also wooden sharpable pencils colored in the shade of liner with a plastic cap.  I have used a few pencils from this brand in the past but currently I only have these two in yellow and white.
The yellow/ gold pencil has a little shimmer but the white one is matte.  I use shade no.5 (white) on my lower water line it can also be used as an eyeshadow base.
Again like christine ones they do not last long and are not smudge and water proof. The staying power varies with the shade though.

No. 5 Yellow
No. 15 white

Third is clazona:
I have recently seen this brand in many local cosmetics shops and bought a few items including these eyeliner pencils.  These pencils are also super affordable and a wide range of shades is available. I only have two shades from this brand but I swatched a few shades before buying these two and I found that most of these eyeliners have little shimmery particles in them. The darker shades are more pigmented as compared to the lighter ones. None of the shades stay on my lids for more than one and a half hour or may be 2 hours at most.

So these are some really good and affordable eyeliner pencils which are easily available in Pakistan. All of them are creamy and easy to apply which is the best part and also they have never irritated my eyes. Their prices range between Rs.40-60 per pencil which is amazing.

That's is for today
I'll be back soon till then take care and tell me in the comments have you ever used any of these eyeliner pencils?