Friday, December 25, 2015

My Makeup Routine For College and My Holy Grail Products

Hello beauties!
Today I am going to talk about my  makeup routine that I wear to  college and with that I'm also sharing my holy grail products that I use almost every day.

 I have my classes early in the morning on weekends which I absolutely hate and getting up early to do my makeup is something which I can't do especially on weekends so I have made a minimal makeup routine that I follow on almost every weekend morning. Since its a look for college I prefer to keep my makeup as natural as possible.
Ok now lets move on to my makeup steps:

First I wash my face with a facewash. Currently, i am using VLCC's Tomato and Mandarin face wash and Oriflame 5 in 1 gel wash.

After letting it dry I apply Neutrogena sunscreen on my face and then I do my hair.

After that I just apply a bb cream. My holy grail is Maybelline's bb cream but sometimes I also use oriflame one. Then I set it with a compact powder.

After bb cream i just swipe any one brown colour eyeshadow all over my lids and then highlight the inner corners and lower water line with a white pencil. I also tightline my upper lashline with a black pencil.

For these steps I use the following products:

 I heart obsession palette either in born to die or pure cult.

Cristine white liner pencil

Diana of London black liner pencil

Then I apply a blush, my everyday favourite is maybelline's bouncy blush in pink frosting I find it easier to blend this blush with my fingers so I don't use any brush.
My go to lips for college is Korean gradient lips because they look natural and youthful and are perfect for college.
I'll show you How i do gradient lips at the end of the post.

At the end I put on mascara. The trick I use here is I just apply mascara on the length of my lashes but not on the roots, it gives a more natural look. My go to mascara is maybelline's colosal volume mascara.

How I do gradient lips?

While applying bb cream on my face I put it on my lips also (you can use a concealer but in the mornings I usually dont have time to use many products so i just use the same bb cream)

After that I apply any red or orange lipstick just on the central half of my lips. Then i just apply a clear lipgloss all over the lips and done.

That’s it for today…

I ‘ll be back soon till then take care