Sunday, December 13, 2015

Hair contouring- The IT hair for 2016...

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 Today I am going to talk about a new hair trend with you and it is hair contouring. Yes! after contouring with makeup and strobing for enhancing our facial features now we have hair contouring (like learning the makeup contouring techniques wasn't difficult enough... but the best part about hair contouring is it is done by a professional so you do not need to learn much about it).

Have you ever seen a celebrity and thought wow their new hair make their face look totally different?  This is because their hair have been contoured strategically to give them that perfect face shape.
Hair contouring is strategically using highlights and lowlights in the hair to get your desired face shape.The principle is the same as in any other form of art which is using lighter shades for the areas we want to highlight and darker for the areas which we don't want to be seen.
Many Hollywood celebrities now wakeup with a perfectly contoured face without putting on any makeup. Have a look at some of these celebrities:

Jessica Alba hair contouring
Drew Barrymore hair contouring

Until recently I did not know that there is something like hair contouring but now when I know about it I really want to try it.

What do you think of this hair trend? Would you like to try it? Tell me in the comments

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