Monday, August 8, 2016

The best hair straighteners

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Sleek straight hair never go out of style. You can wear them at every occasion in every season at any time of the day and they will look appropriate.

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 Those who are not blessed with straight hair try different things to get them. Over the years many treatments and technologies have been introduced to get those sleek, straight locks like rebounding and Brazilian and Japanese treatments which straighten your hair permanently but of course they are expensive and can cause a lot of damage to your hair if you don’t take proper care.
Because of these reasons many women rely on flat irons and other such tools to straighten their hair temporarily. 
I naturally have straight hair so I don't use straighteners but growing up I have seen my sister struggling with different hair straighteners. Her hair are wavy and she is happy with them so she never went for any permanent treatment but occasionally she would straighten them with flat irons and choosing a flat iron that actually does the job was a difficult task for her.
There are many types of straighteners available in the market but most of us don’t know which one should we choose and more often than not we end up choosing the wrong one. So I decided to do some research and write a post that would help my readers and today I am sharing with you guys a few things that I have learned about hair straighteners that can help you choose the best straightening tool for you. So let's get started:
For fine hair :
Fine hair are likely to burn easily so its better to buy a flat iron in which you can adjust the temperature so that you can adjust the heat as per your need. Also, ceramic is softer on hair that makes it ideal for fine hair so its better to choose an iron with ceramic plates.

For thick hair:
Irons with wider plates are better for thick, coarse and long hair as they straighten the hair faster.  
In general, the thicker your hair the more advanced flat iron you should buy. Tourmaline and titanium plates work best for this type of hair.

When you are in hurry:
Hair straightening brushes have been very popular among you-tubers and bloggers recently. I have seen mixed reviews about these brushes but I think they are great for times when you are in hurry and need to straighten your hair really fast. Fast hair straightener brushes are easier to use and take less time as they also detangle the hair while straightening them. 

For Short hair:
For short hair it’s better to use a smaller iron as they give more control and precision. One inch iron is the standard size which works for almost every hair type but irons smaller than one inch are good for short hair as they allow you to iron small sections.

On budget:
If you like wearing your hair straight sometimes and curly others, you can get a multi-functional iron. Personally I believe more in products that are made for a specific task but if you want to save yourself space and money hair irons with changeable plates are available in the market like this one
I naturally have straight hair so I don’t use any hair straighteners but I have done a lot of research to gather all this information. I hope this post is helpful for you but these are just a few guidelines and I recommend that you do your research before going shopping or before buying any beautyproducts online. You might find yourself inclined towards the cheapest or the cutest looking option available but they are not always the best ones so I recommend you read some reviews about that particular product before buying it.

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