Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Favourites... Oriflame Love Nature Wild Rose Eye Cream Review.

Hello everyone!

I am back with a product review. I don’t know why I have been feeling low on inspiration these days. I had a few things which I wanted to review for a long time but I was tired of reviewing things and not doing anything else on the blog but then it hit me that I started the blog to review products for you people, what’s the purpose of this blog’s existence if I stop writing reviews and that’s why I decided to start this Friday favorites series on the blog in which I’d review my favorite things. 

So here in the first post of the series I am going to talk about Orilame’s Wild Rose eye cream from their love nature range.

As I have already mentioned in an earlier post here that I have this very bad habit of rubbing my eyes which has resulted into premature fine lines. By the time I was twenty I already had fine lines under my eyes which was scary but I was always lazy to use any eye creams (which I really need to prevent more fine lines). But few months ago I decided to include an eye cream in my skin care routine and I bought this oriflame eye cream.

The Love Nature- wild rose range of Oriflame is for dry skin. I have a normal/combination skin but I bought it during winters when my skin becomes quite dry. It was an impulsive purchase without any research (because it was very affordable) but I have been using it for more than 6 months now which means I am quite satisfied with it. I just stopped using it for some time during May and June but now I have started using it once again. 

The cream comes in a 15 ml peachy pink plastic tube with a small opening which makes it hygienic as well as travel friendly. At first the tube looked very small but it has lasted me more than 6 months which is great considering the size and the price. 

Product Description:
A lightweight moisturizer for the delicate eye area. Designed with wild rose extracts to nourish and hydrate the skin.

My experience:
When applied, the cream feels oily at first but it absorbs into the skin quickly. I just take a dot of cream on my ring finger and lightly dab it under my eyes.  The texture of the cream is very lightweight it doesn’t feel heavy under my eyes at all neither did it ever cause any irritation.

I apply it twice a day once before I go to bed and second in the morning before applying any makeup. I love that when I use this cream at night my eyes look less puffy in the morning and I also like how it makes my under eyes look hydrated and brighter. 

When applied underneath makeup it makes the concealer to blend easily but the most important thing to remember while using this cream is use a very little amount and let it absorb for a while. 
As for fine lines, it hasn’t done anything to reduce them but we all know that moisturizing is the key to prevent fine lines so I think it can be a good product in the long run as it’s very moisturizing.
You can get it through any oriflame’s consultant. It’s also available online, I got mine from for around Rs.450. 

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I'll be back soon till then take care...