Sunday, July 31, 2016

Atiqa Odho Cosmetics Contouring Powder- Review

Hello beauties!

I am back after a long time sorry for being MIA but I was busy with work and studies and with life basically.
So finally today I am going to post a short review of Atiqa Odho Contouring Powder which is lying there in my draft posts for ages. So without wasting another moment let’s get started:

The powder comes in a regular Atiqa odho plastic case with red lid and a transparent middle part from which the shade is visible. The case has two compartments the upper one for the product and the lower one for sponge. The sponge compartment also has a mirror. The packaging is not very sturdy but the size is perfect to carry it around in your bag. 

My Experience:
The contouring powder comes in three shades walnut, chocolate and coffee. I got mine in chocolate. I bought this powder around 6-7 months ago along with the compact powder. My experience with this contouring powder is very similar to the compact powder which I have already reviewed here.
The powder looks much pigmented in the package but when applied on to the skin it hardly gives any color, it just blends into my skin without giving any contour.
I use this powder for subtle everyday contouring ( sigh! It doesn’t stay for more than 2-3 hours) but the formula is very sheer so first I apply it heavily on to my skin with the sponge and then I use the blending brush to blend. When I want a more contoured/ sculpted face I use cream contouring products and then use this powder to set the cream contour. 
Atiqa Odho contouring powder in shade Chocolate- Swatch (heavy layer applied with the sponge)

The Atiqa odho contouring powder is available at and other makeup selling websites for Rs. 300/-. Although I am not very happy with the pigmentation and staying power, I think I will repurchase it because in Karachi’s hot weather it is necessary to set the cream contour with a powder and I haven’t found any contouring powder more affordable than this one as yet so yea! I’ll repurchase it once I finish this one.

That’s it for today… I’ll be back soon till then take care and tell me in the comments about your favorite contouring products.