Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Mistakes and Regrets- relating to eyes

Hello beauties!

At some point in our life we all do things which we shouldn’t do because we are unaware of their harmful consequences and sometimes even when we know they are going to be harmful we do them anyway. I too have made a few mistakes in the past which I regret now and today I am going to talk about some of these..
As you may have noticed that I am not very good at updating the blog these days it was partly because I was busy with work and was not feeling inspired to write but there was also another reason and it was that my eyes were not behaving very good in the past few weeks. I made a few mistakes in the past which caused these eye problems.
There are somethings which are surefire ways to damage your eyes and I have learned it hard way but I don’t want it to happen to anyone else and that is why I have decided to share my mistakes with you so that you can avoid these and take good care of your eyes. So let’s get started:

Wearing contact lenses for long hours:

I need to wear either glasses or contact lenses all the time as I am practically blind without them. I have been wearing contact lenses for years and never had any problem with them as I take care of my lenses more than anything (if you wanna have some tips check out my post here) but a few months back my eyes started getting really dry which caused itching and irritation and that happened because of wearing contact lenses for long hours (I used to wear contact lenses for more than 9 hours every single day BTW).
So I went to the doctor and he suggested me some eye drops. Thankfully the problem never got severe but I learned the lesson that I need to reduce the time during which I wear lenses.

Rubbing my eyes:

I don’t know how and when it all started but for as long as I can remember I have always had this bad habit of rubbing my eyes. My habit was so bad that I started developing fine lines under my eyes even before I turned 20.
Rubbing your eyes not only cause wrinkles and aging it also cause infections and may damage the vision. So yea, that’s scary!
I am still struggling to get rid of this devastating habit. :(

Keeping the brightness too high:

We live in the age and society where it’s almost impossible to avoid using cell phones and other gadgets but there are ways through which we can reduce their harmful effects. I used to keep the brightness of my phone and laptop’s screen at maximum which caused eyestrain and made me rub my eyes even more :(
So the advice is: Adjust the brightness according to your surroundings so you are not putting strain to your eyes it's better to keep the brightness on auto mode. Also give your eyes regular breaks to reduce the strain you put on your eyes.

Forgetting my sunglasses most of the time I go out:

I don’t think I need to stress on the importance of wearing sunglasses. I always knew how important it is to protect my eyes from UV rays and I always loved buying trendy sunglasses but I don’t know why it always happens that whenever I am going out I forget my shades at home. :(
Now I have started keeping a pair of shades in my bag.

So that’s it for today. Tell me in the comments if you have made any beauty or health mistakes in the past which you regret now.

P.S since eyes are such an important part of us I have decided to dedicate this whole month to eyes so I’ll be posting lots of stuff relating to eyes in this month. Stay tuned!


Take care