Friday, January 29, 2016

Tips For Contact Lens Wearers..

Hello beauties!

As you all would probably know by now (after seeing all my pictures) that I wear contact lenses almost all the time (at least 8 hours a day), people keep asking me questions like doesn't it hurt or irritate you?
I hear horrible comments and stories about contact lenses all the time but I have been wearing them on a daily basis for about 6-7 years and I have never had any serious problems except that sometimes I feel a little dryness for which I use eye drops (recommended by my doctor) or rose water and it goes away (remeber to remove contacts before using any eyedrops). But yes I do take care of my contact lenses and of my eyes more than anything else in the world.  Here, I am sharing a few things which I do and I think every girl who loves doing makeup and wears contact lenses should do:

Put on Contacts before makeup:
I always put on my contact lenses before any makeup especially eye makeup because if you apply it after doing all your makeup it is more likely that they will come in contact with your lashes or lids or lash line and the products will transfer to them. Also, I remove my lenses before removing my makeup.

Apply mascara from middle of the lashes to tips:
Another tip is I apply mascara only on the length of my lashes leaving the roots untouched i.e. I start from the middle of the lashes not from the roots. This not only makes the contact lenses safe but also keeps my lashes looking natural.

Keep tightlining to minimum:
I am a fan of tightlining as I think it is the best way to apply eyeliner on my eyes without covering my already non-existent lids. But as much as I love tightlining my eyes I know it can affect my contacts and I try to keep the tight lining to minimum.

Do not rub your eyes:
If I ever feel any irritation or itching in my eyes I immediately remove my lenses. You should never rub your eyes when you are wearing contact lenses as the makeup will get into your eyes and the residues of makeup will create a film on lenses and you know what will happen next..

Do not use false lashes:
I never use false eyelashes and I suggest you too to keep it to minimum i.e. for some special occassions only and be very careful while applying glue.

Avoid High temperature:
And the most important is you should never ever go near heat when you are wearing lenses. If you are planning to blow dry your hair or cook or anything that involves high temperature do it before you put on your contacts. The contact lenses are made of plastic and the high temperature may cause them to melt and it can cause some real damage to the eyes.

Also make sure that you keep your lenses, lens case, makeup brushes and makeup products clean and never sleep with your contact lenses on.

Hope this post has helped you in some way :)

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