Saturday, June 27, 2015

How to take care of nails..

Hello beauties!
Today im writing the post which was due for almost a month now. The past two months i.e.  April and may were really difficult and hectic for me due to classes and exams. This exam thing had taken such a toll on everything,  my beauty routine,  my skin,  my hair and nails, they are All ruined.
All the time during my exams period I was daydreaming and was making a to do list of things I will do after exams to take better care of myself and then when that time actually came I ended up completely wasting it. Such a procrastinator I'm..
But no more procrastination now.. Now I have decided to start working on all the things one by one and the area which needed most attention was my nails. 
So after deciding this I just searched over the internet for some tips on how to take care of my nails and then started applying some of them. Here, I am sharing some of these tips.

- Drinking lots of water: This is the most important beauty ritual which we all must adhere to. It is not imporatant for nails only but for hair and skin and obviously with this heatwave in Karachi what else can be more important than this.
- Moisturizing: Any moisturizing cream or oil will do but what I do for my nails is coming later in this post.
-Grooming: I promise myself to groom my nails at least weekly and No that doesn't mean going to a salon every week for a manicure but simply getting a nail filer and giving them some shape and buffing them a little. Also, nails should be trimmed regularly.

Now, I am sharing a DIY recipe for taking care of my nails.

Whenever anyone talk about nail care or we search about it over the internet the three things we always find are Garlic, Petroleum Jelly (vaseline) and olive oil (sometimes castor and coconut oil)
So, using these three things I prepared a mixture and used it on my nails.

Things needed:
Mentioned above but writing down again :)
Olive oil (or castor oil as an alternative).
Vaseline Petroleum Jelly (I am using one with cocoa butter, why? Because it smells great)
A fork and a dish or anything in which you will mix all the ingredients.
Handwash or soap.

Now, peel off and crush 2-3 cloves of garlic and mix 2 teaspoons of oil ( I am using castor oil because at the last moment I realized I ran out of olive oil).
Now add some vaseline ( about half teaspoon is fine). 
Now blend all the things with the fork and taadaa your mixture is ready.
Now take cotton pads dip 'em in the mixture and rub on your nails and cuticles. 
Leave the cotton pads on your nails for 10 minutes.
Now wash your hands with any handwash or soap.

I put the remaining mixture in a small plastic bottle and used it the next day. You can make a fresh mixture every time or can also make it in quantity and use it for few days. I don't know why but I make a new one everytime unless there is some leftover from the previous day.
I am using it everyday but its only been a weak so currently I am not in a position to tell how well it is working but I can tell you all these ingredients are tried and tested and they actually do wonders for nails.
P.S: My cuticles feel soft and moisturized after using it for a week.

So this is it for now.. What do you think of this DIY? write back to me in the comments
I'll be back soon till then Take care!