Saturday, June 13, 2015

Mars shake recipe

Hello people! How are you all doin'? 
Today I'm writing about something I love yes it is chocolate shakem
I love having chocolate shakes and the hot weather just deepens my love..
So today i.e. on a hot summer day when I was at home and didn't have much to do I decided to make my own mars chocolate shake.
And when I am done with the shake thing I thought of sharing it with you too :p so here I am sharing my recipe of chocolate shake with you people :) hope you'll enjoy it.. 
What ingredients did I use?
> 4 chocolate bars (I planned to make a mars shake but then I realized I have only 2 of them so I added 2 snickers' bars too).
> 1/2 litre vanilla ice cream.
> 3-4 cups of milk.
> 2 teaspoon of sugar (I didn't want to make it too sweet so just added 2 teaspoon of sugar).
How I made it?
First I mixed the sugar and half of the milk with chocolates and blended them.  Then added ice cream and more milk and blend for 10-15 seconds again and done.
It was so yummy I know I'm going to make it everyday from now(atleast for few weeks).Seriously no chocolate has ever tasted this good ever. Lol yea I know it sounds like bragging but when you try your hands at something for the first time and it turns out good that's how you feel.. nah? :D
I'm also planning to experiment a little next time by adding more ingredients like chocolate chips or cookies or cream may be.
Ok that's it for now.. saying bubye with a picture of my shake... sorry I couldn't take any better pictures since I was too busy first in making and then in having my yummy shake..
Bubye take care
Loads of love :)