Thursday, June 25, 2015

My search for perfect eid dress

Hello everyone!
How are you all doing? Hope your Ramazan and summers are going well..
With Eid just around the corner everyone is seen planning and preparing for it and so I am. For last few days all I am doing is viewing hundreds of photos of dresses of all famous, not so famous, expensive, not so expensive, high-end as well as street brands just to get a perfect eid dress for myself.
Seriously I don't know why people say online shopping has made life easier it has actually made shopping more difficult for me. With so many options in front of me it gets really difficult to choose one. Normally, I don't take very long in choosing things I see something and I know if I want it or not. But its different with the eid dress, selecting the eid dress has always been a big task for me and now with online shopping it has become time consuming too as I check hundreds of dresses and compare them with each other and then do it all over again many times :p.
 When I was younger my mom used to get me all those embroidered and embellished traditional dresses for me and since then getting a perfect eid dress has become very important for me but now I prefer dresses that are more wearable on daily basis. Since its really hot these days I find myself more attracted towards very light pastel hues.

So, like every year I am on my quest to find my eid dress these days. I have seen like a Thousand dresses may be :p some got rejected because they were not appropriate to be worn for whole day in this hot weather some because they were too expensive and some simply because my mom doesn't like 'em. 
Finally, now I have shortlisted a few dresses which I am sharing with you here and now I have to choose one or may be two from these.

Digital prints are all the rage these days. I love this one from Zahra Ahmad.

Another digital print but this one is by Maria B.
This one is a simple casual shirt from Change.

This is a shirt from Orient Textile's Lawn collection. I am just loving the pastel blue colour. 

Isn't this print pretty??  I am becoming a fan of  floral prints.

Loving the print of this shirt from Thredz.

This shirt is named snow. Although I can not see the design clearly but Isn't the color enough to add it to my wishlist?
Yes it is :)

This one is from Rungrez. Again the design is not very clear in the picture but I love the pastel blue hues.

These are two different dresses from Maria B which look quite similar and I am loving both of them.. (I think I am going to buy at least one of them coz I saw them first and can't stop thinking about them since then. P.S. White is my favourite color).

This is another one from Orient. It is a three piece Lawn suit.
So that's the list of ladies' dresses I like as they look good and summer appropriate and also somewhat affordable (all are priced at somewhere under PKR 6000/- or may be a little more but none of them crossed 7k).

So this is it for now. Which one of these do you like? help me in selecting by writing in the comments people :)
I will be back soon till then take care..