Saturday, July 9, 2016

DIY Be- You- tiful frame.

Hello beauties!
Its been a while since I did a DIY post but I was so lazy in the past few days that I did not want to try anything but then one day during Ramazan I saw a DIY wall frame made with glitter somewhere on pinterest and I was like I need to try this as soon as possible.

I made a few amendments in the original design as I didn't have all the items needed but I liked how the DIY turned out at the end so here I am sharing my tutorial with you.

Things used:

An empty photo frame

Blank white sheet cut according to the size of frame.

Blank sheet (any color of your choice, I used turquoise to match the theme of my room).

UHU all purpose adhesive (or any glue)

Glitter (any color)

Pen with golden ink.

A pair of Scissors to cut the paper.



I wrote the words Be- You- tiful on a white sheet in the way I wanted them on my frame.

Then I traced the words on the turquoise paper sheet and wrote Be and TIFUL with the gloden pen.

Then I wrote the word YOU with the UHU tube and sprinkled the glitter over it and then let it dry

After its completely dry I put the sheet in the frame and its done.

I hope you like this DIY its super fun and easy to make.

That's it for today I'll be back soon till then take care..