Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Online shopping...

Hello beauties!
In my first post of the year I am going to talk about a topic to which all of us can relate and it is shopping, actually online shopping to be specific.

I remember when I was younger, me and my mom used to roam in the malls for hours checking all the shops and counters even when we didn't have plans for buying anything.( LOL! yea I am just like my mom and we both love window shopping :p).

Now I do not have time for all this because of work and everything but my love for shopping is still deep and strong and I thank the growing number of online stores and websites which have made it easier for me to check all the latest and amazing stuff anytime without going to the actual markets. Now, whenever I find some free time I go online and check out all these amazing sites. That's my favourite pastime.
We have like millions of websites where we can buy dresses, fashion items like jewellery and watches and bags and beauty items like cosmetics, perfumes and everything and one of such websites is

This site has hundreds of products in all these and many other categories. Actually this site works like aliexpress i.e. different sellers sell their products through this website. I have browsed through their collections and found that they have some really good stuff at cheap prices.

 Well obviously there are some things which should not be bought cheap like cosmetics but you can not go wrong with clothing or accessories especially when they are available at such affordable prices.Besides fashion items they also have sellers of computer and electronic equipments and other stuff on their site.

 I am always open to try new things and places (obviously we need to be cautious and do a little research before buying anything which I always do) and I have used some non branded perfumes and believe me some of them smell amazing so you can also buy women's perfumes online as it can be a good option.
Have a look at this site.

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That's it for today...
 I'll be back soon till then take care