Sunday, April 16, 2017

How to deal with the stress of being unemployed...

Hello Beauties!

 I have been meaning to do this post for quite some time but I usually don't talk about very serious and personal stuff on the blog so I wasn't sure about writing this post (not that makeup isn't serious stuff for me. Of course it is but today's topic is more serious because it involves emotions and stress and finances and basically everything in life.
So a few weeks back I finally decided to leave my job. In the beginning I was all happy and satisfied but then the euphoria faded down and I realized it is not as easy to cope with unemployment as it seemed in the beginning. I do not regret my decision at all but now I know it is one of the most stressful life experiences. It's only been a few weeks since I quit but I already feel frustrated because being unemployed changes the way we see ourselves. I started comparing myself with others who are doing better with their lives, I was losing my self esteem and confidence and I used to feel miserable all the time. But then I thought feeling miserable is not going to do any good I need to take control of my life and so I started to look for ways to fix my life and get the maximum out of my free days.

Here are the few things that have helped me in getting my life sorted. I am still not working but I feel so much better and purposeful now.

 You don't have anywhere to go, you don't have much to do, you have lots of free time so you can spend as many hours in bed as you want. Right?...
Do not procrastinate, do not become lazy it will make you feel more miserable. Get up, do the things that need to be done early in the morning. Pay more attention to yourself.
Remember when you had a job you wanted to do a lot of things but didn't have time? Now you have it so utilize it, don't waste it lying in bed.
I make a to do list everyday as soon as I get up and tick the items off when they are done. I exercise regularly now and pay more attention to my skin care and health. My to do list also include "what I am going to eat in a day" so I don't end up eating any junk when I am bored.

If I am asked what are my hobbies I am never able to give a specific answer because I like doing a lot of things. I like reading, I love putting on makeup,I like accounting and baking and making DIY crafts, I like reading other people's blogs so I do a lot of these things but I do these only during the time I have set aside for these activities in my timetable.
- Do not waste all your time on social media and gadgets I suggest you to get a productive hobby.

Freelancing and working from home is a thing these days. There are websites where you can find freelance work but usually it is difficult for newbies to get work there so I suggest you to join some Facebook groups and contact people offering jobs which you can do.
As I said I like accounting so I help some small businesses with their accounts and finance work.

Get dressed every single day:
 You are not going anywhere doesn't mean you can stay in your PJ's all day. Keep this for weekends only, on weekdays get dressed properly. Take shower, do your hair, wear some makeup, lipstick and mascara have magical powers to instantly boost your mood, believe me.

Since I was finally not busy, my dad planned a family trip to KSA and Dubai and I don't think I need to talk about how much traveling can change your perspective of life and can help you have a fresh start. You learn a lot of things when you travel, you learn to value experiences over things, you learn to face different situations, you become open and accepting towards different ways of life.
If you have enough savings, TRAVEL.  But of course it is not sensible to spend all your savings on traveling especially when you are jobless so try exploring you own city instead.

I used to meditate regularly few years ago but then... life happened, I got busy with studies and work and everything and stopped practicing it, but now I have started it again. I feel so much better when I meditate I can't even explain it. You need to do it yourself to see what I mean. I'll do a separate post very soon about what techniques and what Apps i use to meditate.

Feel Alive:
Do things which make you feel alive watch cricket or football matches, play video games, do things which you are passionate about, they make adrenaline spun and make you feel alive and help you get rid of miserable feelings.

So that's it for today...
I'll be back soon... till than take care