Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hair Brush: cleaning and maintenance...

Hello beauties!

Hair brush cleaning
I am back with another hair related post well it is not actually about hair but about hair brushes but isn't that the same thing? Yes it is ,because a good quality and well maintained hair brush make a hell lot of difference to how your hair look.
So here I am sharing a few tips which can help you in getting the best out of your hair brush. So let's get started:

Most women are very careful about cleaning their makeup brushes so they don't get any pimples but it's surprising that they neglect their hair brush which is equally important. All the dirt and germs and oils and all gross things from our unwashed hair are piled up in the hair brush and when we use it again everything is transferred back to our clean hair which makes them look dull and dirty, so cleaning the hair brush regularly is very important and also it's very simple, just follow the steps below:
- Remove the hair from brush after every use. I use the tail of rat tail comb but you can also use a pen or pencil. Just run the pen through the bristles a few time and pull out the hair strands. Don't forget to make a hair ball and discard it immediately.
- Wash your brush with a shampoo or soap regularly. I usually do it in 2-3 weeks (sometimes after a month). Just soak the bristles in soapy water for a few minutes and lightly scrub with an old tootbrush or fingers. Then let it dry for a few hours.

- Do not use brush on wet hair instead use a wide tooth comb as wet hair tend to break more and are not easy to pull out from the brush.

- Buy a good quality hair brush that doesn't get ruined when you wash it or pull out the hair from it. Usually we don't pay much attention to the type of brush we are buying but it is important to get the right brush for your hair for example a natural boar bristle brush is gentle and good for fine hair and nylon synthetic bristles are best for super thick hair, so do your research before buying one. You can use a hair brush for years so it's worth investing in plus a good quality brush will last longer than a bad one.If the plastic balls at the top of bristles start coming out or the brush starts tangling you hair too much you should immediately buy a new one.

So that's it for today. I'll be back soon till then take care...