Sunday, September 13, 2015

DIY Room Decor- Switchboard Decor

Hello beauties!
Today I am going to share with you a switch board décor DIY. A few months back I decided to redecorate my room and at that time all I used to do was searching for room décor ideas. I saw this DIY on Pinterest and immediately decided to do it but then I got busy and all my room renovation plans got delayed. Now this weekend I finally decided to resume my room décor project and started with decorating the switchboards in my room.
 Actually I am sharing not one but two DIY’sJ.
I decorated two switchboards in my room; first with a simple printed card that I cut from an old calendar and the other one with glitter.
Things needed:
For this I just needed an old calendar with a picture or some print and some glue.
1-      I measured the board with a scale and cut the old calendar equal to the size of the board.
2-      Then with a blade I made a hole on that calendar sheet equal to the size of switch/button.
3-      Then I Just pasted the sheet on the switch board with the glue.
4-      And the board is ready.
Things needed:
For this I needed some glitter and glue. I bought these bottles of glitter from a stationery shop years ago for some crafts but never used them and I also had this UHU glue at home.
Its better if you remove the board from the wall and put it on a smooth surface but I did not know how to get it off the wall, I tried but the screws were too stubborn so I gave up and started working while the board was still on the wall.
 For details about how I did this DIY read on the steps:
1-      I just took a small amount of glitter out of the bottle and put it on a piece of paper so I do not need to open and close the bottle again and again.
2-      Then I Applied UHU on a small area of the board with one of my fingers.
3-      Then with another clean finger I pressed some glitter lightly over the area on which I applied glue.
4-      I repeat it on the rest of the board till whole board is covered with glitter.
5-      And the board is ready.

Aren’t these DIY’s really simple and easy to do? What do you think about these?
That’s it for today. I hope you liked this post.
I’ll be back soon till then take care.. bubye J