Sunday, August 9, 2015

What's in my bag?

Hello beauties!

“What’s in my makeup bag” posts are trending all over the beauty blogs world these days so I thought why not I follow this trend and do I quick post myself.
I have seen like a zillion “what’s in my bag” posts by now and every time I see any such post I wonder how these people carry all that gorgeous stuff in their perfect bags all the time without creating a mess and without losing their mind. I mean seriously I carry only few essentials in my bag but every time I need to find a thing it’s an struggle for me, I think I lack skills to organize my bag  (can any of you please do a post on your blog about how to organize stuff in my bag? This would be really helpful for me )
I don’t have anything fancy in my bag just a few must have items.

Starting with the beauty products (because I love them):

1-      A hand and body lotion- My hands and feet tend to get very dry when I spend long time in air conditioner so I need to moisturizer them a few times a day.
2-      Sun block:  You all know that we need to apply sun blocks before going outdoors and we also should reapply it during the day even when we are indoors as we cannot escape sun rays even in our home or office. So I always keep the sunblock in my bag but I rarely reapply it during the day… lazy me!  
3-      BB cream: I am not someone who’d reapply my makeup in office many times a day so for me a compact powder and lipstick is enough for touch ups but still I keep some makeup with me in case I need it.
4-      Compact powder to touch up my makeup especially in summer.
5-      Lipstick and gloss: Usually a transparent lip gloss and any lipstick that I am wearing that day.
6-      Cream blush: My holy grail is Maybelline’s DreamBouncy Blush in Pink Frosting.
7-      Mascara: Maybelline’s Volume express mascara is my all-time favorite.
8-      Deodorant

Besides beauty products I keep all these things as well in bag:
9-      My contact lenses kit
10-   My specs with the case: Most of the time I wear contacts but I always keep my glasses with me for any kinda emergency.
11-   I keep lots of tissue papers with me
12-   Then I keep this USB data cable with me so that I can recharge my cell phone’s battery which is always about to die.
13-   My wallet which has some cash and cards.
14-   My water bottle- Usually I run out of space in my bag so I have to carry it in my other hand most of the time
15-   Pen: I never keep any notebook because I never have enough space in my bag. Every time I need to write anything I search my wallet for some old slips to write on and then realize it’s a bad decision not to keep some papers.
16-   Cell phone
17-   Hair brush
18-   Candies/ Gums etc
19-   Safety pins, bobby pins and scotch tape
20-   Hand sanitizer.

OMG that’s too many things and there are lots of things which I want to take everywhere with me but due to space constraints I can’t.

Please share what are the things you always carry in your bag?

 That’s it for now. I’ll be back soon

Take care bubye.