Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hello.. First post


Welcome to my blog. Introduction first..

Who am I?
A twenties girl
An undomestic goddess
An accountancy student.
A makeup lover..
A girly girl..
A keen reader..

I Love: 
Reading ( love reading blogs too)
Lively life..
Listening (others' experience)..

Why this blog?
 I love writing and talking so this blog is basically to help me to share my thoughts and random musings with the world.
Here, I plan to write about things I do, I love and things I do not like so much...
I 'll write about makeup, budget beauty, book reviews, movie reviews,  OOTD's, food, random purchases and hauls, Beauty tips and anything random basically about anything and everything I do..

Hope my experiences and posts will help you in some way but if they not they will surely amuse you.. :)
Do share your thoughts with me in the comments I love listening to people.. 

Have great day..